The Hanging Sepulchers is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The Hanging Sepulchers


Notes & Tips

Be careful - this place has a lot of traps. Bringing a character with high mechanics skill is a good idea. Also, the risen undead can appear from coffins or other corners, so some enemies may be more diffcult to handle than they look.

One piece of the Yseyr's Eulogy can be found in a room at the northeast of the Hanging Sepulchers. Another is in the Forgotten Mausoleum.

Once you find the 2 pieces of the text, read it to learn the names of the two skeleton guarding Yseyr's chamber. Interact with the skeletons to open the gate.

You can persuade Yseyr to let you take the text by history and religion skills, otherwise, you will have to take it.

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