In Inner Mysteries

Location The Scriptorium
Reward ??

In Inner Mysteries is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Access the body of Wael
  2. Enter Wael's body
  3. Flush out Wael's bile.
  4. Descend into the Heart of Mystery.
  5. Face the Oracle of Wael



  • In order to enter Wael's body, you need to use the key you get at The Assembly of Echoes to interact with the machine in the middle of The Scriptorium. You also need to sacrifice the memory to use this machine to reveal the stairs to lower level.
  • Enter The Upper Bowels, Find Fungal Ingredient at Fungal Growth.

  • Go to Archives Subbasement, place the History of Eora Tomes as listed below to open the door to Alchemical Chamber:

    • The gods lost them, but we will find them again: The History of Eora Vol XI
    • They think their difference is a blessing when it is but a brand: The History of Eora Vol XIV
    • Death comes for all in time: The History of Eora Vol XIII
    • In their fear, they will give her power and ask for safety. But she will only give them orders: The History of Eora Vol XV


  • Defeat the enemies in Alchemical Chamber, you can find Fungal Growth Concerns and Antiseptic Creams on a table. Add them to the reservoir nearby to clog the ducts. 

  • At Celestial Remnant, you can get a Fragment of Starmetal when interacting with the minerals. (you can try to commune with  the spirits or sacrifice your pet)

  • At the Observation Center, after you defeated the enemies there, destroy the two Polyps to neutralized the giant eyeball.

  • When you explore the Memory Siphon, be careful don't step on runes otherwise you may be killed by hazards.

  • Steal the Alchemical Charge on a table in Excavation Site. (or take it by force) Then use it to blow the last bile conduit.

  • Descend to The Heart of Mystery, make sure your team is buffed, and have enough potions/scrolls. The Oracle is weak to all afflictions except those of the mind, but it can summon minions. Put them down first, then focus fire on the Oracle, it will fall quickly.

  • After you defeat the oracle, you will meet Wael and decide what to do with its body. (if you have the skull of Concelhant, you can give the body to him)

  • If you kill the Oracle or give back the artifacts to it, you can get a Ring of Clenched Muscle.
  • Return to Tayn and Llengrath to complete the quest.



Tips & Tricks

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