The Last Sanctuary

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The Last Sanctuary is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Travel to the ruins.
  2. Search the ruins of Motare o Kōzi.
  3. Replace the missing parts of the stone disc.
  4. Decode the stone disc on Motare o Kōzi.
  5. Return to Prince Aruihi.
  6. ??



  • Speak with Prince Aruihi at Kahanga Palace, he will send you to find Motare o Kōzi.
  • Sail to the island of Motare o Kōzi, some local Huana tribe want to stop you, defeat them and proceed to the ruins.
  • The Motare o Kōzi is full of corrupted animals and Nature Spirits, you can read the souls of the former expedition team to learn what happened.
  • One of the expedition team member, Baltia, is still alive. If you helped her (Druid or 16 Might) you can have her as your crew.
  • The Map in the centre of the ruins misses 2 pieces. You need to find golden outer ring from The Rotted Lady's Tree (which you can heal be cleanse the adra), and the golden inner ring from tiger den.
  • Use the pieces to repair the map, the correct order is Koiki fruit, luminous adra, watershaping, and Ukaizo.
  • Return to Prince Aruihi.


Tips & Tricks

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