The Lost Grimoires

Location Drowned Borrows
Reward ??

The Lost Grimoires is a Tasks of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

  • ??
  • ??



  1. Bring Bipara's grimoire to Nemnok.
  2. Bring Menzzago's grimoire to Nemnok.
  3. Bring the Brawler's grimoire to Nemnok.
  4. Retrieve the swamp witch's grimoire
  5. Retrieve the fampyr lord's grimoire.
  6. Retrieve the ancient lich's grimoire.
  7. ??



  • Nemnok, the self-claimed god gives you this quest. He can be found at Drowned Barrows.
  • Menzzago's grimoire can be found at Splintered Reef.
  • Bipara's grimoire can be found at Outcast's Respite (on an island at top-left of the map )
  • Brawler's grimoire can be found at Flooded Cave. (northeast of Motare o Kōzi)
  • Each time you find a grimoire, Nemnok will allow you take one item form his treasure.


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