The Oratory of Wael is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The Oratory of Wael


Notes & Tips

  • Fyonlecg will use environment mechanics to attack you, so stay alert and keep your group away from the energy beam. After you destroyed the two power conduit on the left and right, Fyonlecg will join the fight himself. Be careful he can summon tentacles and mirrored souls.
  • After you defeated Fyonlecg,v you can find the book Maura was looking for at bookshelf near her body.
  • After you defeated the Oracle of Wael, you will find Maura's body got infested by spores. She will attack you with some sporelings, defeat her and get Maura's Grasping Belt.
  • In order to restore Bekarna's Depleted Grimoire, place it on the table of chief librarian's room in midnight. (has to be at night otherwise it can't absorb enough starlight)

General Information

  • Location: ??
  • Recommended Level: ??



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Notable NPCs:

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