The Painted Masks

Level 10
Quest Type Companion Quest
Region Wahaki Island
Location Ori o Koīki
Reward/s 6,750 Total EXP
Quest ID companion_qst_aloth

The Painted Masks is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Aloth has spent the last five years trying to deal with the Leaden Key, but the task has proven difficult. He wants the Watcher's help to find a Leaden Key cabal in Deadfire that may provide him with much-needed insight.


Important NPCs



  1. Wait for Aloth to explain further.
  2. Watch for signs of the "Painted Masks."
  3. Sail to Ori o Koīki.
  4. Search Ori o Koīki for signs of the Leaden Key.
  5. Tell Aloth about what you saw in Ruāsare's soul.



  • After you activated the pillar of adra in Hasongo, talk to Aloth at Neketaka.
  • When you approach Ori o Koīki, you will meet a strange merchant ship with all crews killed. Aloth think maybe Leaden Key is behind this.
  • Travel to Ori o Koīki, use the phrases given by Queen Onekaza to let the guards allowing you to enter. (Over crumbling mountains, across blighted seas.)
  • When you meet the ranga of Ori o Koīki, read her soul to find more clue.





  • The Painted Masks
    • Aloth has spent the last five years trying to reform the Leaden Key into a force for good, but the task has proven difficult. He wants my help to find a Leaden Key cabal in Deadfire that may provide him with much-needed insight.
  • Wait for Aloth to explain further
    • Aloth mentioned that he's been tracking the Leaden Key. He promised to tell me more once he's had the chance to review his notes.
  • Watch for signs of the "Painted Masks."
    • Aloth told me about an ancient Leaden Key cabal in the area known as the "Painted Masks." He said no one in the region seems to know that name, so our best hope is to keep an eye out for signs of the Leaden Key.
    • We came across a drifting ship. The crew was dead, but Aloth thought they might be connected to the Leaden Key.
    • I read the soul of one of the dead crew. They were simple merchants.
    • I decided not to investigate the ship. Aloth was disappointed.
    • We couldn't determine who killed the crew, though it's likely they're somewhere in the vicinity.
    • We met a group of Wahaki at Motare o Kōzi. They wore face paint, but we were unable to learn more from them. We'll have to look for answers elsewhere.
  • Sail to Ori o Koīki
    • I found evidence that the Wahaki attacked the merchant ship. Aloth still thinks the symbol painted on the sails is evidence of a Leaden Key connection. Perhaps we can learn more on Ori o Koīki.
  • Search Ori o Koīki for signs of the Leaden Key
    • I've reached Ori o Koīki, and there are strange signs of a Leaden Key presence, from the mask-like face paintings of the Wahaki to the artwork. I may be able to learn more by looking around.
  • Tell Aloth about what you saw in Ruāsare's soul
    • I found a memory of Ruāsare's past life as a long-ago chieftain of the Wahaki. It seems Thaos came to scare her people into abandoning the Engwithan ruins. She executed Thaos instead, yet their interaction cemented the Wahaki's suspicion of outsiders. Thus, the tribe has unintentionally served the Leaden Key's interests for almost two thousand years. Aloth will want to know about this.
  • Sail to Ori o Koīki
    • Aloth's description of the "Painted Masks" reminded me of the Wahaki, a Huana tribe. We may be able to learn more at Ori o Koīki, their home island.


End States

  • Aloth was humbled by the story of Thaos' mistake. He considered whether he's been misguided in his efforts with the Leaden Key.
  • Aloth was encouraged by the story of Thaos' unlikely victory. He seemed heartened to know that even his imperfect efforts regarding the Leaden Key may mean progress.


Tips & Tricks

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