The Proving

Level 16
Quest Type DLC Main Quest
Region Unknown
Location Kazuwari
The Defiant
Reward/s Muātu's Head
Crucible Token
10,368 Total EXP
The Maw of Ingimyrk
Quest ID lax01_00_qst_main_quest_01

The Proving is a Quest of the DLC, Seeker, Slayer, Survivor in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Sail to Kazuwari in the western Deadfire Sea and find out what challenges awaits there.


Important NPCs



  1. Talk to Steward in the Hold of your ship.
  2. Open the strange package found on your ship.
  3. Sail to Kazuwari in the western Deadfire sea.
  4. Venture deeper into Kazuwari
  5. Speak with Humaire



  • The quest starts with the Steward (outside your cabin on the ship) talk to you about the situation and the mysterious box you received.
  •  Open the box and get the Muātu's Head, you will learn more about the quest from Muatu's spirit. 
  • Sail to the island of Kazuwari (west of Hasongo). Before you make a landing, you will meet one of Galawain's beasts, then by the god of the hunt himself. 
  • At Rebūtara Pass, some druids will try to stop you. Either deal with them diplomatically or fight them. ( 4 druids/rangers )
  • If you have Konstanten in your party, he will tell you some information about the island. 
  • Visit the Pool of Memories in the Temple and complete all four challenges.
  • You need to offer artifacts in exchange for new trials. 
  • Once you defeated the orlan, you can choose to return it to the Crucible and Kazuwari, channel it into Muatu, absorb it, or send the essence to the wheel. This has a direct effect on the endings.





  • The Proving
    • The steward has informed me that the crew has discovered a piece of cargo buried deep within the hull of [Player Ship].
  • Open the strange package found on your ship
    • I should return to [Player Ship] to investigate this mysterious cargo.
  • Sail to Kazuwari in the western Deadfire Sea
    • The package contained the severed head of an aumaua named Muātu. His spirit requested my aid as a Watcher. He wishes to accompany me to the island of Kazuwari, where some sort of spiritual crisis is unfolding. The island is located due west of Hasongo. I can approach via a waterfall on the island's southern shore.
  • Venture deeper into Kazuwari
    • Muātu asked that I travel to the heart of the island, where I can meet Humaire and begin to address Kazuwari's problem.
    • A sizable creature jostled [Player Ship] as I approached Kazuwari. Before it disappeared north along the island's coast, Galawain, God of the Hunt, warned me away from Kazuwari.
    • Upon landing, I encountered a cacophony of soul essence and experienced a vision of a great statue at the island's center. The statue was thronged with wayward spirits.
    • I seem to have been mistaken for an initiate in some kind of tournament. I will either need to find another way out or head through the arena door and discover what awaits me.
  • Speak with Humaire
    • I've found myself in some sort of tournament, replete with spectators. I'm told that Humaire is the custodian of this place, and may be able to provide answers regarding the strange invitation. She is currently topside, watching the events.
  • Talk to the Steward in the hold of your ship
    • The Steward informed me that a mysterious package has somehow arrived on my ship. I should speak with her to learn more.


End States

  • According to Humaire, I can help Kazuwari and cultivate my own glory by competing in the Crucible.
  • I decided that the people of Kazuwari were better off dead, so I attacked them.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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