The Rite of Passage

Level 16
Quest Type DLC Main Quest
Region Unknown
Location Pool of Memories
Reward/s Crucible Token
8,938 Total EXP
Quest ID LAX01_00_qst_main_quest_02

The Rite of Passage is a Quest of the DLCSeeker, Slayer, Survivor in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Learn about the Rite of Passage by facing multiple challenges.


Important NPCs



  1. Speak with Humaire
  2. Agree to undergo the Rite of Passage
  3. Begin the first challenge by communing with the pool of memories
  4. Trial of the Naga
  5. Memories of a Mad Man
  6. The Bloodletting



  • The first trial you need to fight Tyrant of Decay. Clear the summoned elements as soon as possible then focus on the Tyrant it self. Afterward, return to Humaire to get more trials.
  • After complete the Trial of the Naga (you can send a rogue to sneak behind enemies and take out the totems first), return to Pool of Memories. Cut yourself with Bloodied Ceremonial Obsidian Knife and place it in the offering to unlock the next trial. (if you wear Unstable Coil, you can progress quest Unstable Coil)
  • Defeat Maerwald the Mad and Pipiltin in the next 2 trials, then decide how to deal with the soul energy. (return will give your main character +2 Accuracy against beasts, or you can strengthen Muatu summon, or get Culmination Stone for weapon enchantment.)





  • The Rite of Passage
    • Humaire requested that I take part in the Crucible so that I can discover what's behind the unquiet souls stirring across Kazuwari. Before I can take part in the full range of challenges the arena has to offer, I'm required to fight my way through the traditional Rite of Passage.
    • (Alternate) I've been thrust into the Crucible - some kind of arena competition pitting me against spirits and kith alike. I need to learn about the Rite of Passage I've found myself taking part in.
  • Begin the First Challenge by communing with the Pool of Memories
    • Humaire seems concerned that the locals of Kazuwari will take offense to my presence if I don't participate in their sport. She says I can begin my first foray into the Crucible by using the Pool of Memories on the west side of the temple beneath the arena.
  • Seek the Second Challenge
    • Humaire worries that the souls of Kazuwari are ill-at-ease and hopes that, as a Watcher, I can interpret their needs. To do so, I will need to draw the attentions of the Faces of the Hunt by facing the Crucible's trials.
    • I've survived one battle against the elements, but it appears I'm not done proving myself.
    • When I'm ready for the next challenge, I should commune with the Pool of Memories.
  • Slay a memory in the Third Challenge
    • Twice I've found victory in the Crucible, but the Rite of Passage is not over yet. The next trial is drawn from the memories of the challenger. I'll find out more once I commune with the Pool of Memories.
    • Humaire loaned me a small, obsidian knife so that I can make an offering of blood to the arena. This will give the Crucible what it needs to fashion a challenge for me.
  • Survive the Bloodletting, the final challenge of the Rite of Passage
    • With the phantasm of Maerwald defeated, I have but one more trial remaining before I've completed the Rite of Passage. When I'm ready, the Pool of Memories will initiate one final proving - a duel against a rival group striving to complete their own Rite of Passage.
  • Agree to undergo the Rite of Passage
    • Humaire seems concerned that the locals of Kazuwari will take offense to my presence if I don't participate in their sport. She says I must compete in the Rite of Passage before I will be trusted. If I am to learn more about the island, I may need to agree to undertake the Rite of Passage by speaking with Humaire near the Pool of Memories on the west side of the temple beneath the arena.
  • Return to the Pool of Memories
    • I've completed the Rite of Passage and the arena has dubbed me a contender of the Crucible. I'm told that more trials will be opened to me. I should return to the Pool of Memories to see what awaits in its waters.
  • Speak with Humaire
    • I survived a battle against the elements. I should learn more about this place, and its custodian Humaire is likely the person with answers.


End States

  • I survived the Rite of Passage and achieved the status of a contender in the Crucible.
  • Rather than engage with the arena, I chose to attack.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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