The Seeds of Deception

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The Seeds of Deception is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Access the body of Wael
  2. Enter Wael's body
  3. Search Wael's body for the artifact
  4. Search the Heart of Mystery.



  • In order to enter Wael's body, you need to use the key you get at The Assembly of Echoes to interact with the machine in the middle of The Scriptorium. You also need to sacrifice the memory to use this machine to reveal the stairs to lower level.
  • Enter The Upper Bowels, you can find one Outer Godseed Fragment at Archives Subbasement.
  • Another Outer Godseed Fragment can be found at Memory Siphon, be careful when you fight enemies there, don't step on runes otherwise you may be killed by hazards.
  • Descend into the Heart of Mystery. After defeating the Oracle of Wael, you can decide to give the schema back to it (and receive a Ring of Clenched Muscle) or not. *(you can loot the ring if you simply kills it)
  • The last piece of artifact is on the opposite side of the Oracle. Find it and return to Tayn.


Tips & Tricks

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