The Shadow Under Neketaka

Level 10
Quest Type Faction Quest
Region Periki's Overlook, Neketaka
Location Kahanga Palace
Watershapers Guild

2,430 Total EXP
Release the dragon:

Release the dragon while preserving Watershaper power:

Kill the dragon:

Strengthen the Wards:

Quest ID 05_QST_Dragon_Prison

The Shadow Under Neketaka is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The head of the Watershapers Guild does not answer the queen's summons. Onekaza needs someone to find out why.


Important NPCs



  1. Search the guild for Mairu.
  2. Find Mairu in the sanctum beneath the guildhall.
  3. Retrieve Guildmaster Mairu's rod.
  4. Uncover the threat to the guild.
  5. Decide what to do with Scyorielaphas.
  6. Speak with Queen Onekaza.
  7. Speak with Guildmaster Mairu.
  8. Retrieve Guildmaster Mairu's rod.



  • After you returned from Hasongo, speak to the Queen, she can be found on the rooftop of the palace.
  • Queen Onekaza wants you to speak with the Guildmaster Mairu. 
  • When you reached Watershaper's guild at Periki's Overlook, it is already attacked by nagas. Proceed to the sanctum beneath the Guildhall to find Mairu.
  • Mairu is heavily wounded when you find her, defeat the nagas, then read her soul to find out how to unlock the stone door at the entrance of the sanctum.
  • Defeat the nagas leaders in the sanctum to retrieve Mairu's rod. Use it to unlock the stone door. (the correct dial order is, Nagati, Moon, Rain, Moon, Hands.)
  • You will find Scyorielaphas, a dragon is imprisoned in the chamber. After listen to his story, you need to decide to free him or keep imprison him. (Free him and he may add you on the sea, but the queen will be upset, if you dont have enough Diplomacy skills (at least 10) she will not ally with you, but if you choose to leave respectfully ("Farewell, highness. I wish I could have done more for the Huana"), she will consider your decision as a debt to the Huana and continue on with the quest Fruitful Alliance )
    • Killing the dragon will give you 4 dragon scales that you can use for enchantments, but not any specific items.
    • You need 9 Metaphysics to free the dragon and siphon his power for the watershaper's
  • Report to the queen, don't lie to her for she can read the mind. If you free the dragon without siphoning his power, you need at least 10 diplomacy skills to convince her you can still serve the court. (quest Fruitful Alliance)





  • The Shadow Under Neketaka
    • With matters in the Deadfire reaching a boil, Queen Onekaza's watershapers must be ready for anything. In spite of the pressures from all around, the head of the Watershapers Guild does not answer the queen's summons. Onekaza needs someone to find Guildmaster Mairu.
    • (Alternate) The Watershapers Guild withstood a bloody attack, leaving the main hall littered with nāga bodies. Considering how the Huana holds their watershapers in high esteem, the Neketaka authorities would want the matter investigated. 
  • Search the guild for Mairu
    • Nāga have attacked the guildhall and the first floor is littered with bodies - none of them Mairu. She might need help holding her forces against this attack.
  • Find Mairu in the sanctum beneath the guildhall
    • Guildmaster Mairu is leading a counterattack against the nāga incursion in the sanctum beneath the Watershapers Guild.
  • Retrieve Guildmaster Mairu's Rod
    • In her dying breaths, Mairu indicated that an important rod was taken, presumably by the nāga. She suggested that the rod was the key to preventing something from escaping the sanctum. She also began speaking some sort of prayer but was unable to finish it before she died. It may have something to do with the door she mentioned.
  • Uncover the threat to the guild
    • I've retrieved the Rod of the Deep Hunter. According to Mairu, I can open the stone door near the entrance to the sanctum and finally deal with whatever is behind the tremors and the attack on the guild.
    • The tremors are increasing in strength. If something is about to escape the guild ruins as Mairu believed, it's going to happen soon.
    • I've felt the strongest tremor yet. If I leave the guild now, it'll be too late to stop whatever is behind all this chaos.
  • Decide what to do with Scyorielaphas
    • Scyorielaphas seeks freedom from the guild that long ago ensnared him. He makes promises of deepest gratitude, but releasing him could hamper the education of acolyte watershapers and cause unknowable havoc besides.
    • In exchange for his freedom, the dragon implied that he will assist me in a time of need.
    • Scyorielaphas warned me against wasting his time. He will summon more nāga - and find another escape route - if I delay.
    • According to Scyorielaphas, the Rod of the Deep Hunter is the key to his freedom and can siphon power from the wards encircling his prison.
    • I chose to engage Scyorielaphas in combat.
  • Speak with Queen Onekaza.
    • The queen will expect a full report on the events that occurred at the Watershapers Guild. She can be found in the rooftop garden of Kahanga Palace in Serpent's Crown.
  • Speak with Guildmaster Mairu
    • I've found Guildmaster Mairu. She's looks like she's been badly injured.
    • Mairu is dead, but her spirit remains. I should speak with her.
    • Guildmaster Mairu can be found at the Watershapers Guild in Periki's Overlook.
  • Retrieve Guildmaster Mairu's Rod
    • The spirit of Guildmaster Mairu told me to seek out a rod stolen by the nāga and use it to open the stone door by the entrance to this sanctum. She wishes for me to strengthen a set of wards, though what they guard is still a mystery. She said that the words of Periki's Devotion will open the way.


End States

  • I set Scyorielaphas free upon Neketaka. This was the right thing to do, but I cannot anticipate what damage my choice might cause.
  • I decided to keep Scyorielaphas imprisoned. He was too dangerous to set loose upon Neketaka, and watershaping is too critical to the security of the city to chance it.
  • I fractured Scyorielaphas' soul and set him free. The Huana may not be pleased that I unshackled their prisoner, but the power of watershaping is uninterrupted.
  • Scyorielaphas is dead, his strength ripped from the watershapers. The Huana will not be pleased, but at least their prisoner is 'free,' after a fashion.
  • A sea dragon escaped the clutches of the Watershapers Guild. I had no part in it.


Tips & Tricks

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