The Shipwright's Plight

Location Queen's Berth

Help Zamar:
-10% discount at the shipyard shop
4 Iron Thunderers for 1000 cp

Help Principi:
Positive reputation with Príncipi
Price cut for all ship jobs

The Shipwright's Plight is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

  • Zamar
  • Captain Radora
  • Cotta



  1. Track down Captain Radora.
  2. Find the pirate gang that mugged Radora.
  3. Confront the alley thugs.
  4. Return to Zamar at the Queen's Berth docks.
  5. ??



  • Speak to Zamar at Queen's Berth, agree to track down Captain Radora at the Wild Mare in Queen's Berth and retrieve the coin she owes.
  • Head to the Dockside Arms and Armor area that's not far from Zamar. You will find a small girl here named Tiela. Speak to her, and ask her if she knows anything about Radora and the pirates in the area. You can also give her an egg if you have one, to encourage her to talk.

    She will explain that Radora was robbed in the northern alleys and lost Zamar's coin.

  • Wait until midnight, then return to this area to find the thugs. Speak to Cotta and decide what to do. You can kill them to get back the coin, and help them forcing Zamar to accept Principi terms.
  • Return to Zamar to complete the quest.


Tips & Tricks

  • If Maia is in your party when you offer to buy Radora's commission, she will make a joke about the Wahaki tribe that doesn't go over well with Zamar, and he will raise the price of the cannons to 1500 copper.




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