The Upper Bowels

Location The Forgotten Sanctum
Sub-Areas ??
NPC's ??
Merchants ??
Quests ??

The Upper Bowels is a Location in Pillars of Eternity 2. The Upper Bowels can be found at The Forgotten Sanctum.


 The Upper Bowels Information

  • Quest item Fungal Ingredient can be found at Fungal Growth.


  • Quest item Outer Godseed Fragment can be found at Archives Subbasement.


  • At Archives Subbasement, place History of Eora Tomes as listed below to open the door to Alchemical Chamber:

    • The gods lost them, but we will find them again: The History of Eora Vol XI
    • They think their difference is a blessing when it is but a brand: The History of Eora Vol XIV
    • Death comes for all in time: The History of Eora Vol XIII
    • In their fear, they will give her power and ask for safety. But she will only give them orders: The History of Eora Vol XV


  • Defeat the enemies in Alchemical Chamber, you can find Fungal Growth Concerns and Antiseptic Creams on a table. Add them to the reservoir nearby to clog the ducts. 


  • At Celestial Remnant, you can get a Fragment of Starmetal (For quest Out of the Eternal Horizons) when interacting with the minerals. (you can try to commune with  the spirits or sacrifice your pet)


  • At the Observation Center, after you defeated the enemies there, destroy the two Polyps to neutralized the giant eyeball.


  • Another Outer Godseed Fragment can be found at Memory Siphon, be careful when you fight enemies there, don't step on runes otherwise you may be killed by hazards.


  • Steal the Alchemical Charge on a table in Excavation Site. (or take it by force) Then use it to blow the last bile conduit.


NPCs at The Upper Bowels

  • ???


Quests related to The Upper Bowels

  • ???

The Upper Bowels Map



The Upper Bowels Notes & Tips

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