The Wild Mare - Upper Floor is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The Wild Mare - Upper Floor


Notes & Tips

The upper floor of The Wild Mare tavern is inhabited by courtesans of all classes and types. For a particular amount of money they can provide you their services and give you a variety of boni.

If you have Aloth in your party, he will introduce you to Ymir, a former "friend" from his academy days, who used to prepare for the arcane knight career, but ended up as a courtesan.

Aenalys offers you a treat of Aedyran poetry, also you should speak with her to advance along the Lost Dues in Good Faith quest.

Rabyuna is a female fire godlike who is all about BDSM stuff.

In the back room you will find Konstanten, a masseur, who is bored by his job and can join your party as a Sidekick. If you recruit him, his room will be available for rent.

On this floor there is an entrance to the balcony where you can find drunken Rauataian sailors for A Bigger Fish quest.

Courtesan boni (Watcher only, do not stack):

General Information

Notable NPCs:



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