Tikawara is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.




Notes & Tips

This location is at the east of Neketala, see the map above.

The village of Tikawara was recently founded by a small Huana tribe. Though the location has limited access to food, it is close to legendary Engwithan ruins known to the Huana as Poko Kohara. The tribe hopes to catch a break in the new location, as their old sites were constantly ravaged by pirates, slavers, and Rauataian scouts. The limited food supply is a major problem, offset by the presence of Vailian Trading Company trade routes in close proximity. It currently has 64 inhabitants (99% island aumaua and 1% mountain dwarf), with no major exports or imports. It's governed by the usual Huana tribal caste system and a ranga, with Ondra and Hylea worship most common.

During the colonization period, Tikawara was the site of the infamous "bear incident", when a total of ten colonists were torn apart by local bears.


General Information

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