Tip of the Spear

Level 12
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Deadfire - Northwest
Location Crookspur Island
Reward/s 2,430 Total EXP
Cruel Cargo (Failed)
Kahua Hozi (from Ruāsare)
Fruitful Alliance (Bad outcome)
Quest ID 14_qst_slavers

Tip of the Spear is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The aggressive Wahaki tribe has been making business difficult for Master Kua of Crookspur Island. Kua asks the Watcher to assassinate the Wahaki leaders on Ori o Koīki.


Important NPCs



  1. Kill the Wahaki's tribal leaders.
  2. Return to Master Kua.



  • Note this quest is automatically failed if you free the slaves in the quest: A Shrewd Proposition.
  • Sail to Ori o Koīki, use the phrases given by Queen Onekaza to let the guards allowing you to enter. (Over crumbling mountains, across blighted seas.)
  • Kill the Wahaki's tribal leaders. (note this quest is mutually exclusive with Fruitful Alliance)
  • Instead of fighting your way in, you could kill the Wahaki leaders with a stealth approach. To do so, you need to gain the trust of the tribe first by becoming friendly, then enter the tribe. Plant a cinder bomb or grenade in a brazier, temper the construct, and planting an infested koiki fruit. (you have to wait until night for the poisonous fruit thing to work)
  • Report to Master Kua.





  • Tip of the Spear
    • The aggressive Wahaki tribe has been making business difficult for Master Kua of Crookspur Island. Kua asked me to assassinate the Wahaki leaders on Ori o Koīki.
    • (Alternate Description) Director Castol wishes to earn the allegiance of Master Kua, the authority on Crookspur Island. He asked that I check in with Kua and help sort out his problems with a local tribe. 
  • Kill the Wahaki's tribal leaders
    • Kua wants the Wahaki tribe's chieftain, mystic, and spellcaster at Ori o Koīki killed.
    • Ruāsare, the ranga, is dead.
    • Burapo, the mystic, is dead.
    • Tangara, the spellcaster, is dead.
    • Master Kua suggested that I infiltrate the Wahaki tribe under the guise of friendship and find ways to quietly eliminate the Wahaki leaders.
    • Tangara was killed by a Rusted Construct.
    • Tangara, the Wahaki spellcaster, is struggling to restore his rusted construct to a functioning order.
    • Burapo died when his brazier exploded.
    • The Wahaki mystic, Burapo, makes burnt offerings to the gods. I may be able to use that to my advantage.
    • The deaths of Tangara and Burapo are likely to have aroused Ruasare's suspicions. It might be wise to avoid her.
    • Ruāsare's mate, Apāro, indicated that the chieftain is extremely fond of eating koīki.
    • The blighted koīki I discovered in the jungle is infested with the larvae of the wood-strangler wasp and is not safe to eat.
    • Ruāsare, the ranga, is dead after consuming blighted koīki.
  • Return to Master Kua
    • Now that I've dealt with the Wahaki leaders, Master Kua at Crookspur Island would be pleased to hear that the tribe is no longer a problem.


End States

  • You killed someone critical to this quest.
  • I freed the slaves being held on the island.
  • I freed the slaves being held on the island. They joined forces with Captain Aeldys' agent at Crookspur.
  • I helped the slavers of Crookspur by crippling the troublesome Wahaki tribe.
  • I helped the slavers and convinced them to support Director Castol and the VTC.
  • I helped the slavers and convinced them to aid me in my quest to breach Ondra's Mortar.
  • Releasing the slaves of Crookspur has turned the slavers against you.


Tips & Tricks

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