Trade Secrets

Level 5
Quest Type Faction Quest
Region The Gullet, Neketaka
Location Delver's Row
Reward/s copper_pand_icon1,500
Major Positive reputation with the Huana
Quest ID FCT_QST_01_Black_Market

Trade Secrets is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.  Investigate the black market in the Roparu district of the city known as the Gullet for Prince Aruihi.


Important NPCs



  1. Locate Delver's Row.
  2. Reach the Undercroft.
  3. Report to Prince Aruihi.
  4. Travel to the Gullet.
  5. Investigate Delver's Row.



  • Talk to Prince Aruihi to begin the quest. From him you get The Envoy's Badge, which can be used To get information from Fyrna in The Hole. Or show to Ernezzo, a Vailian shopkeeper in Delver's Row, to get free passage to Dereo's Lair.
  • Visit Delver's Row and Undercroft. To find Delver's Row you need to interact with The Narrow at The Gullet. Turn right first, then go forward until you see a merchant stall, the entrance is behind a curtain. (see Delver's Row for more information)
  • To reach Undercroft, you can use the lift in Delver's Row (if you already met Dereo.) Or use the lift in The Gullet, go through Old City Overlook, Old City Ruins to get there.
  • Report to Prince Aruihi, you could suggest him to leave Delver's Row open.





  • Trade Secrets
    • Prince Aruihi has discovered evidence of a black market in the Roparu district of the city known as the Gullet. He wants to know how it is being supplied.
  • Locate Delver's Row
    • Someone in the Gullet ought to know a way to Delver's Row. Showing the prince's medallion might attract the attention of a prospective buyer in the black market.
    • I gained access to Delver's Row through the Narrows in the Gullet, where it was hidden behind a merchant stall.
    • Dereo the Lean sounds like the authority in Delver's Row. Getting closer to him might help me understand how the black market functions.
    • I've learned that Delver's Row is located somewhere in the Narrows - a tunnel system in the west of the Gullet.
    • To find Delver's Row I need to enter the Narrows, turn right, then continue forward until I see the merchant stall. The entrance to Delver's Row is concealed in the stall.
    • Enoi told me that someone at The Hole in the Gullet might know how to reach Delver's Row.
  • Reach the Undercroft
    • The Undercroft is the source of contraband in Delver's Row. If I visited this guarded underbelly, I could learn more about how black market goods are being transported into the city.
    • Dereo has given me permission to enter the Undercroft via the lift in Delver's Row.
    • While reading the soul of a dead Roparu in the Gullet, I glimpsed a subterranean dock beneath the city. This was likely the Undercroft, which he accessed via a lift in Delver's Row. Delver's Row itself can be found through a secret door located behind an empty merchant stall in the Narrows.
    • I encountered some thugs in Delver's Row guarding a lift. It might be a route to the Undercroft.
    • I've been informed of a secret passage in the Old City that leads to a ruined temple. Inside that temple is a back door to the Undercroft.
    • Dereo can get me to the Undercroft, but only if I do him a favor first by retrieving the Cornett of Waves.
  • Report to Prince Aruihi
    • It seems that the Roparu reached an agreement with a group of pirates. Black market goods are smuggled into Neketaka through a small inlet in the Undercroft. What's more, the ships are guided with the aid of watershaping. This is information the prince will want to hear. He'll be waiting for me in the throne room of the palace in Serpent's Crown.
  • Travel to the Gullet
    • My investigation begins at the Gullet, which lies southeast of Periki's Overlook. There I might uncover evidence of Delver's Row, the secretive locus of the black market.
    • The prince suggested that I recruit Tekēhu, a member of the Watershapers Guild in Periki's Overlook. Tekēhu has his own suspicions and might prove to be a useful asset.
    • The prince suggested that I bring Tekēhu with me. He might provide useful insights in my search for the black market.
    • Tekēhu has agreed to join me.
  • Investigate Delver's Row
    • I've located Delver's Row, but I still don't know how the black market is supplied. Showing the prince's medallion to any of the merchants could offer me a lead to more information.
    • I can find Dereo's hideout by leaving Delver's Row, taking an immediate right, a left, and then another left.
    • I convinced Ernezzo to point me in the right direction. Dereo the Lean is the highest authority in Delver's Row, and Ernezzo has agreed to make the introductions.
    • A merchant named Ernezzo handles the pricier goods in Delver's Row. He might be interested in the medallion.
    • Ernezzo handled the pricier contraband before he died. Someone by the name of Dereo would be the man to speak with, but I would need to establish myself in Neketaka's underbelly to grab his attention.
    • Dereo can get me to the Undercroft, but only if I do him a favor first by retrieving the Cornett of Waves.
    • Dereo the Lean sounds like the authority in Delver's Row. Getting closer to him might help me understand how the black market functions.
    • Ernezzo died before I could learn anything useful from him. I'll have to find out how the black market is supplied from another source.


End States

  • Someone critical to this quest has been killed
  • After I killed several members of the Watershapers Guild, Prince Aruihi wants no more to do with me. He threatened to throw me into exile and imprisonment if I returned.
  • I lied to the prince and convinced him that Delver's Row does not exist.
  • I told the prince about the smuggling operation in the Undercroft. Delver's Row will eventually be shut down.
  • I told the prince about the smuggling operation in the Undercroft, but I convinced him to leave Delver's Row alone for the time being.
  • I told the prince how I massacred the Príncipi smugglers. He was taken aback by my initiative but not entirely displeased.


Tips & Tricks

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