Traps in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is a consumable item. Traps can be placed outside of combat and are triggered when an enemy walks over them. A trap's effectiveness increases with the Mechanics of the user, traps can only be purchased and cannot be crafted. This page covers a full list of all the Traps that are found in the game.


Traps in POE2


Name & Icon

Cast Time

Recovery Time



Bear Claw Trap
1.6 Quiet

10-15 pierce_damage-iconcrush_damage-icon

Immobilized for 6s. / Accuracy vs. Reflex

Burning Ground Trap
 1.6 3 Quiet  

5-10burn_damage-icon / Accuracy vs. Reflex

If successful, shaken for 5s / Accuracy vs. Will

Caltrops Trap
 1.6 3 Quiet


2 Raw Damage per 3.0 sec

Concussive Blast Trap
 1.6  3 Quiet 16-20crush_damage-icon, 4m Push / Accuracy vs. Reflex

Corrosive Cloud Trap
 1.6  3 Quiet

Sickened for 9.0 sec

8-12 corrode_damage-icon / Accuracy vs. Fortitude

Freezing Spike Trap
 1.6  3 Quiet

-20% Action Speed for 15.0 sec 

10-15freeze_damage-iconpierce_damage-icon / Accuracy vs. Reflex

Shock Chain Trap
 1.6  3 Quiet

7-10shock_damage-icon / Accuracy vs. Deflection

If successful, Disoriented for 9sec / Accuracy vs. Deflection

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