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Troubadour is a Subclass of Chanter in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Subclasses are a specialization of a main Class, and can be mixed for Multiclassing. The name of the resulting mix will be the same as it would have been for the primary class, regardless of the subclass you have taken.


"Troubadours are masters of the chant, able to adjust the speed of their chanting and the linger of their phrases to suit the needs of battle. More passive than many chanters, troubadours relish their support role in the midst of their comrades. Troubadours originated in Old Vailia, but are common in the Vailian Republics and many other lands."


Troubadour Subclass Information


  • Linger for Phrases is increased significantly (this means that as one phrase ends and another starts, they overlap for a little while giving both effects). 
  • Gain "Brisk Recitation" modal ability that increases the rate that phrases elapse, but removes the linger. 


  • All Invocations have an increased cast cost of +1 Phrase (Chant)


Troubadour Tips & Notes

  • See Builds for ideas on how to create strong characters
  • Chanters can reduce their Recovery Time and increase their Reload Speed with Firearms and other Weapons that need reloading, so it is recommended they use one.
  • Troubadours can effectively Multiclass with just about any other Class because their Chants have a longer Linger  Duration, which can benefit nearly everyone.
  • Activating the Brisk Recitation Modal will regulate you to casting primarily Chanter Invocations due to the speed at which you'll Chant Phrases.




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