Undercroft is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.




Notes & Tips

There are two ways to get to this location. The lift here can transport you from/to Delver's Row, but in Delver's Row it's guarded by a local gang, so you'll need Dereo's approval to use it. Also you can get here from Old City Ruins. Be careful - if you come here without invitation, you won't be welcomed. To avoid bloodbath, try one of the two approaches: if you come here by lift, meet Brawler next to the lift and tell him that you intend to speak with Captain Mad Morena (you need to take Goods and Services quest first), or that you intend to meet Gwenfin for Dereo's The Cornett's Call quest; if you come here from the caves, use a rope suspended between two docks to reach the opposite side and then talk to Brawler about the same intension.

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