Unstable Soul Essence



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Unstable Soul Essence is a Bomb in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Bombs are equipped as Quick Items in a character's inventory. All bombs use the character's Explosives skill to determine their effectiveness. Bombs can be crafted, purchased, or found as loot.


As soul energy collects, it can become volatile over time. The charge of the various constituent souls are so disparate that the faintest touch can collapse it, resulting in an explosion of essence.


Unstable Soul Essence Information

  • Range: 8m
  • Duration: 12s
  • Interrupts on: Hit
  • Area of Effect: 2.5m Radius
  • Noise upon use/impact: Silent / Extremely Loud
  • This bomb was added in the Beast of Winter DLC.
  • Effects upon exploding:
    • +6 Health Restored per 6.0 sec for 12.0 sec



Unstable Soul Essence Location



Unstable Soul Essence Tips & Notes

  • Sell Value: copper_pand_icon20
  • Purchase Value: copper_pand_icon100



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