War Bows in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is covered on this page.

War Bows proficiency grants Overdraw ability, +2 Penetration with War Bow weapons, +50% Recovery Time with War Bow weapons.



War Bows Weapons


War Bows


Recovery Time



FrostseekerFrostseeker 4-8 Pierce/Slash 4s 10 Body at Maukotu's Canopy, 17° 56' S, 45° 44' E
Saint Omaku's MercySaint Omaku's Mercy 14-20 Pierce/Slash 4s  11 Druid of Spring encountered in Hunting Season.
VeilpiercerVeilpiercer  14-21 Pierce 4s   11 Can be looted from a chest below the Statue of Nemnok in the Sanctum of Drowned Barrows (8'35" 36'38")

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