Warden of Decay

Type Spirit
Base Level 16
Resistances Dexterity Afflictions
Immunities Constitution Afflictions
Drops Corrosive Soul Essence

Warden of Decay is an Enemy in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Whenever the ambient soul fragments floating around the Shattered Realms gather in unwieldy quantities, Rymrgand deploys a Warden of Decay to tidy up. These mindless rifts are narrow in size but great in power, drawing soul essence into an unimaginably small space where it is either imprisoned, destroyed, or digested. No one knows for certain.



Warden of Decay information

  • Damage: 
  • Damage (LH):
  • Attributes: 12 Mig, 14 Con, 8 Dex, 18 Per, 10 Int, 18 Res

Stats table (without level-scaling):

Difficulty level / Stats

Base Health

Base Acc






Path of the Damned 656 133 83 11 (9slash, 17pierce, 9shock, 15corrode) 107 77 96


Warden of Decay Location


Warden of Decay Drop



Notes and Tips

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