Whakura Pass is an encounter in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Whakura Pass


Choice & Outcomes

  • Search the area (Perception and 1 Survival check).
  • You see tracks of xaurips and some traps set by them. You can disarm the traps (2 Mechanics check), circumvent them, or return the way you come.
  • You can search for xaurips to fight them for more XP and loot, or continue forward. If you choose the last, encounter ends and the road to the digsite will be clear.
  • When you notice xaurips, you can attack openly or sneak closer first to observe.
  • Sneaking closer gives you several options. If you are Cipher, you can turn xaurips to fight each other and gain coins and items without fighting yourself. You can also scatter them with magic (Xoti's Iconic Projection will do the job) and obtain the same copper and items. Of course, you still can ambush them and attack with your weapons.

Notes & Tips

  • All items you can obtain from xaurips with sneak approach are mundane cape and stiletto.
  • If you fail to disarm the trap or choose to attack xaurips in a straight way, you'll face them along with their leader, Stone-Tooth, who drops some Pyrite.

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