Wicked Beast

Rng Atk Time Rec Time Pen Dmg
1.8m 0.7s  4s 10 23-31 pierce
Increased Reach: Increased weapon range
Legendary: +60% Damage, +16 Accuracy, +4 Penetration
Bad Dog: 10% chance to deal Pierce Damage to self or nearby ally on launching attack
Hounding: Chance to inflict Hobbled, Knockdown, Raw Damage over time for 12s, or -25% Action Speed on target on scoring Crit


Wicked Beast is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Aedhor Maydr, a Dyrwoodan thayn, was fond of his pack of hounds. His favorite was Wicked Beast, a most ill-tempered and half-blind mongrel. She would snap at everone, including her master, and her will could not be bent like the other dogs. Wicked Beast would bite any creature in her vicinity. Such was her belligerence that Aedhor took to wearing a thick glove to pet the hound.Even as the hound aged her temper never waned, though her health diminished. Near the end she lacked the strength to do more than muster a pitiful snarl. Aedhor knew her days were numbered. He tasked an animancer to transfer the dog's soul into an ashwood pike to preserve her bestial, untamed essence.

Much of Wicked Beast's soul was lost to the process, though the weapon holds her essential nature. It is a temperamental item, likely to strike at its wielder as their enemies. Its power and aggression, however, are undeniable.


Wicked Beast Location/Where to find

  • On ship famous Aimo de Spirente (need -3 VTC reputation)


Wicked Beast Notes/Tips

  • Price: 8414
  • Recovery Time: 4s
  • ID: ??


Wicked Beast Upgrades

Name Effects Cost Ingredients
Cry Havoc Grants Cry Havoc (Foe AoE: 20-30 PierceSlash, 3m Push, If successful: Frightened for 15.0 sec) 6,000 pyrite_sPyrite x2, scoria_sScoria x2, onyx_sOnyx x2, black_pearl_sBlack Pearl x2
Pack Leader Grants Pack Leader (Summon 1 Wicked Beast, 2 War dog) 6,000 black_pearl_sBlack Pearl x2, drake_talon_sTalon x2, bear_claw_sClaw x2, razor_gill_sRazorgill x2
Tethered Yet Untamed While engaged: +5% Damage with Melee weapons, +4 Deflection against Melee weapons 6,000 ruby_sRuby x2, awakened_root_sAwakened Root x2, brutish_bloodBrutish Blood x2, primal_earth_sPrimal Rock x2
Wild Heart +2 All Beasts Power Levels, +15% Damage against Beast targets 6,000 rune_powder_sRune Powder x2, garnet_sGarnet x2, primal_flame_sPrimal Flame x2, rahi_pods_sRahi Pods



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