Young Panther

Type Beasts
Base Level 2
Resistances None
Immunities None
Weaknesses None

Sneak Attack, Cover of Night

Drops ClawPeltFang

Young Panther is an Enemy in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The scourge of the jungle, panthers are master of the silent kill. Though they prefer swamp and rain forests, they have been known to roam across scrublands and desert. Consequently, they are widespread in the Deadfire Archipelago.

Fiercely independent, they thrive in the underbrush where their dark coats provide them ample camouflage, and eschew interacting with kith unless they perceive a territorial threat. Their impressive musculature and bone structure make these cats lethal pouncers, and the strength of their bite is such that they can pierce the shells of armored reptiles. Even a halfhearted strike from their paw is enough to stagger an unprepared opponent.




Young Panther information

  • Damage: 8-15 Slash
  • Damage (LH): 8-15 Slash
  • Attributes: 10 Might, 14 Constitution, 13 Dexterity, 18 Perception, 10 Intellect, 14 Resolve

Stats table (without level-scaling)

Difficulty level / Stats

Base Health

Base Acc






Story 44 46 27 4 (7crush) 16 45 16
Classic 88 46 27 4 (7crush) 16 45 16
Path of the Damned 110 61 42 6 (9crush) 31 60 31


Young Panther Location


Young Panther Drop



Notes and Tips

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