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Name Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
Release Date USA: ?? 2018
EU: ?? 2018
ASIA: ?? 2018
Genre Role Playing (RPG)
Price ?? USD
Rating ??
Online No
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher Versus Evil
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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is an CRPG by Obsidian entertainment, and a sequel to critically acclaimed Pillars of Eternity. The game was crowdfunded and released to PC, Mac and Linux in 2018. Its prequel made a delayed appearance on consoles, coming forth as a "Complete Edition" in 2017.

In Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, players take on the role of the Watcher, a special individual with the ability to read the memories and souls of others - in both their present and past lives. As a direct sequel, players will be able to import their previous decisions, or select "what happened" from an interactive menu.

Game Story Overview

"The god Eothas, once thought to be destroyed, returns to life in the form of a titanic statue – nearly killing you as he destroys everything in his path. It’s up to you, the Watcher of Caed Nua, to discover Eothas’ purpose and decide to help or hinder his efforts."

"In the wake of the destruction of your stronghold, you must travel to the Deadfire Archipelago and seek answers to the actions that have brought you here."


Game Key Features



You’ll be accompanied by companions familiar and new as you travel through the Deadfire. Some, like the loyal Edér, have stayed with you out of a sense of personal duty. Others, like the unpredictable Serafen, have their own mysterious reasons for accompanying you.

New to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is the companion relationships system, where companions will not only engage with you, but each other, depending on the decisions you make and events they experience in the world.



All backgrounds in the game are hand-painted, providing a beautiful backdrop to your explorations. Deadfire is an island chain comprising a huge city, fiery volcanoes, mighty pirates, and desolate sandbars, you’ll navigate the Deadfire on your ship. Of course, exploring the open world will lead to any number of encounters, some helpful, some dangerous. You may even come upon undiscovered lands. Assemble your crew, board your ship, and may the wind be always at your back!


Your trusty ship, the Defiant, is your main means of getting around the Deadfire’s open-world. It’s also your home base, and that of your companions, and your crew.

You’ll be able to upgrade it, hire new crew members, and even take it into combat using a dedicated ship-to-ship combat system developed especially for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Build up enough wealth, and you’ll be able to buy larger, and more impressive ships, too!



Turn-Based Mode

You can chose Turn-Based Mode in POE2 since patch 4.1.

Instead of all characters being free to take actions simultaneously, turn-based combat restricts the focus to one character at a time. Combat is taken in turn, with all combatants taking one turn each round. The combatants are queued based on their Recovery Time - now called "Initiative". Lower Initiative means acting earlier in the round, higher means acting later. Characters can only act (i.e. move, attack, and cast spells and abilities) during their turns. Once a character has taken their turn, the next character in the queue gets to move, and so on.

While the update doesn't change a lot of the actual health and damage mechanics of the game, it does change the effect of durations and over-time effects, converting them to last a number of rounds. This includes the regular tick, pulse and over-time effects, but also spell cast times and reloading.

The following is the comparison shown to the player starting a new game:

Real-Time with Pause Mode

Turn-Based Mode

  • Characters can all act simultaneously.
  • Pause is available to give more time for difficult decisions.
  • Recovery Time mechanic dictates how frequently characters can perform actions.
  • Duration of effects count down in real-time.
  • Party Member AI is available to help automate character actions.
  • Re-Targeting option is available to change the target location of a spell or ability after it has begun.
  • Character can only act on their turns.
  • Recovery time becomes "Initiative" — Lower Initiative means acting earlier in a round.
  • Reload Time modified "Initiative" and these weapons will reload between turns.
  • Spells with longer cast times will complete their cast at a later point in turn order.
  • Duel Wield auto-attacks are now Full-Attacks and no longer affect Recovery Time.
  • Durations are converted to last number of "rounds".
  • Effects that tick, pulse or occur over time have had their potency scaled to match a per-round value.
  • Magran's Challenge adds a time limit to turns instead of limiting pausing.
  • Party Member AI and Re-targeting are disabled.



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