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Waidwen's Sundial  

The Bridge Ablaze

Whispers of Neriscyrlas   Neriscyrlas' Lair
Kaihōa  Grants Lost in Time The Shattered Passage: soul of an aumaua woman 
Eye of Rymrgand  Grants Winter's Veil The Rimebound Temple - Eastern Cavern (hold by an imp)
Neriscyrlas' Hope    
Detonator shard   The Bridge Ablaze
Betrayal   The Endless Queries
Amulet of Greater Health

Of Greater Health: +25 Max Health

 Sold by Well-traveled Supplier in Port Maje

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Bauble.

Outcrop on High: in a trapped chest at Pilgrims' Camp

Amulet of Health

Of Health: +15 Max Health

Located in the Arena Sub-Area in Engwithan Digsite. You must get the medallion from the foreman's quarters an place it in the offering bowl in order to access it.

The Dark Cupboard (Periki's Overlook district, Neketaka)

Sold by Una (Serpent's Crown district, Neketaka)

Baubles of the Fin

Glittering Grimcrack: +1 Constitution, +1 Intellect
Cruelty and Curios:
aura 5m, +3% damage dealing by allies 

Quest reward for finding a peaceful solution of Broodmother's Fury quest

Brooch of Inevitable Winter Endless Winter: -25% Freeze Damage taken, +25% Burn Damage taken The Rimebound Temple: corpse on a balcony, accessed through Eastern Cavern
Chameleon's Touch

Versatile: gives +1 to an Attribute and a Skill determined by the User's class

Bounty - Nomu the Marauder

Charm of Bones

Call the Restless: grants Call the Restless (10 charges)
Lay Unto Slumber: +2 Intellect, +5 Accuracy against Vessels

Sold by Orlan Peddler (The Brass Citadel district, Neketaka)

Cipher's Shackle

Of Constitution: +1 Constitution
Shattered Chains:
Resistance to Dexterity Afflictions 

Given by Serafen at +1 disposition

Collar of Eothas' Light

Sun's Blessing: Summon a shaft of light dealing Burn damage and potentially blinding enemies once per rest.
Dawn's Reflection:
10% chance to Reflect against Spells during daytime

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Bauble.

Dyrwoodan Mayoral Medallion

Negotiator: +1 Bluff, +1 Diplomacy

Equipped by Edér (depends on his fate in PoE I)

Elewys' Locket

Ghost Touched: +10 Accuracy against Vessels
Enlightened: +1 Intellect

Dropped by Elewys

Entonia Signet Ring

Inviolate: +2 All Defenses when Engaged (stacks 5 times), +2 Diplomacy

Fort Deadlight, shrine: hidden in Skaen idol

Finality's Claim

Entropic Reflection: 25% Chance to Reflect against Acid / Deisease / Frost / Wind attacks

Quest reward of Toasting the Dead


Flame Ward: +3 Burn Armor Rating, +10 All Defenses against Fire attacks
Overwhelm: being critically Hit with a Fire attack will cause interrupt and give -10 Will penalty for 30.0 sec

Bounty - Lord Admiral Imp

Necklace of Fireballs

Of Fireballs: grants Fireball (8 charges)

Sold by Well-traveled Supplier in Port Maje

Sold by Dawnstar Vendor in The Sacred Stair district, Neketaka

Sold by the Merchant Dimesa in The Treasure Trove (Radiant Court district, Dunnage)

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Bauble.

Necklace of the Harvest Moon

Midnight Wish: Channel moonlight to restore ally hit points and grant +10 to all defenses, once per rest (only during nighttime).
Yearly Reap: -
5% Recovery Time for 6s on Crit.

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Bauble.

Necklace of Unlocked Possibilities

Many Formed: Transforms into a random magic weapon at the start of each combat.

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Captain Thaenic.

Protective Eothasian Charm

+1 Perception, grants Darkest Before Dawn

Hidden in well in Gorecci StreetPort Maje

Ring of Boundless Stars

Chaotic Gem: grants Tayn's Chaotic OrbMinoletta's Concussive Missiles

Sold by Una (Serpent's Crown district, Neketaka)

Ring of Focused Flame Focused Flame: +10 Accuracy with Fire attacks The Dark Cupboard
Ring of Greater Regeneration Greater Regeneration: +3 Health Restored per 6.0 sec

Sold by Orlan Peddler (The Brass Citadel district, Neketaka)

Boot-suck Bog: Dropped by the Bog Warden.

Ring of the Marksman

Marksmanship: +4 Accuracy with Ranged weapons, +1 Penetration with Ranged weapons

Dropped or pickpocketed from Shrimp (The Wild Mare balcony, Neketaka)

Ring of Minor Deflection

Of Minor Deflection: +2 Deflection

Sold by the Merchant Dimesa in The Treasure Trove (Radiant Court district, Dunnage)

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Bauble.

Ring of Minor Protection Of Minor Protection: +5 Will, +5 Reflex, +5 Fortitude

Corpse in Sea Cave (Vilario's Rest)

Sold by Una (Serpent's Crown district, Neketaka)

Dropped by Cotta (The Shipwright's Plight quest)

Dropped by Eamund the Fox (encounter in Dunnage)

Hidden in the cage with boars in the Undercroft

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Bauble.

Ring of Mule's Wit Ignorance: -8 to Intellect
Resistance to Perception, Intellect, and Resolve afflictions

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Bauble.

Ring of Overseeing Minor Overseeing: +10% Area of Effect

Sold by Well-traveled Supplier in Port Maje

Sold by Tiabo (near Spire of the Soul-SeersThe Sacred Stair district, Neketaka)

Arkemyr's Manor - Bedroom, in a drawer

Dropped from Chief Echoing-Strike at Boa Hika Pass encounter.

Crookspur: hidden on Master Kua's table

Ring of Prosperity's Fortune The Power of Money: wearer's Hit to Crit chance increased proportional to the party's current wealth

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Captain Thaenic.

Ring of Regeneration +1 Health Restored per 6.0 sec Sold by The Spindle Man in Delver's RowNeketaka
Ring of Reset Saving Fate: Allows for instant revival without any injuries. Three charges.

The Deck of Many Things: Sold by Captain Thaenic.

Ring of the Solitary Wanderer Self-Motivated: +1 Resolve
Lone Wolf: grants Lone Wolf
Looted from Pūrākau (Bounty - Pūrākau task)
Ring of Unshackling Of Unshackling: grants Suppress Affliction

Port Maje, hidden behind the Trading Post

Sold by Well-traveled Supplier in Port Maje

Rotward Amulet Rotward: 15% Resistance against Poison / Disease / Decay attacks

Sold by The Spindle Man in Delver's RowNeketaka

Sisyfo's Stone Futility: -2% Actions Speed and Damage to attacker for 15.0 sec when wearer Hit in Melee Sold by The Spindle Man in Delver's RowNeketaka
Soul Void

Of Intellect: +1 Intellect 
Best Part of Waking Up: grants the effects of Whiteleaf after a Rest

 Bounty - Lady Epero
Stone of Power

Of Power: +1 Intellect, grants Power Surge

Sold by Una (Serpent's Crown district, Neketaka)

Arkemyr's Manor (Periki's Overlook district, Neketaka): in the vault 

Dropped from Meryel the Mad

Token of Faith

Of Resolve: +2 Resolve

Looted from Pūrākau (Bounty - Pūrākau task)

Torc of Intellect

Of Intellect: +1 Intellect

Sold by the Merchant Dimesa in The Treasure Trove (Radiant Court district, Dunnage)

Bounty - Lord Admiral Imp


Soul Barrier: -25% Raw Damage taken
Blackened Core: +2 Corrode Armor Rating

Sold by the Merchant Dimesa in The Treasure Trove (Radiant Court district, Dunnage)

Wise Teeth Necklace Old Wisdom: +1 Intellect, +1 History, +1 Insight  Given by Old Druid in Upoho Wharo Woods


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      Not sure how much perception the Eothasian Charm and the Ring of Unshackling require. The Eothasian Charm requires 12 at most, since that's the highest perception in my party. Ring of Unshackling must require more since my party didn't spot it.

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