Crafting in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is covered on this page. Crafting is the process of making or enhancing of equippable items. In Pillars of Eternity 2, you can make consumable goods (such as food, potions, and scrolls) or enchantments for weapons, armor, and shields which makes them more effective in combat.

Crafting can be performed outside of combat at any time. To begin crafting, you must have the right level and required ingredients. The crafting interface displays all recipes, broken down into categories, highlighting those that meet all prerequisite requirements.






antivenom_lAntidote Solution x1, Reagent x1, Venom Sack x1, 100cp
fungicide_lFungicide Awakened Wood x1, River Reed x1, Glaive Berries x1, 100cp
maoro_coral_lCoral Snuff Maoro Coral x1, Gunpowder x1, Cave Coral x1
deadeye_lDeadeye Glaive Berries x1, Ink Harp x2
mouth_char_lMouth Char Spices x1, Rahi Pods x2
ripple_sponge_lRipple Sponge Spire Sponge x3
svef_lSvef Gaensvef Berries x3
goldrot_chew_lTaru Turu Chew Ratiti Root x3
blister_bomb_lBlister Bomb Venom Sack x1, Jade x1, Rune Powder x1, 350cp
cinder_bomb_lCinder Bomb Spcies x1, Oynx x1, Gunpowder x1, 150cp
concussion_bomb_lConcussion Bomb Rune Powder x1, Living Steel x1, Gunpowder x1, 250cp
frost_bomb_lFrost Bomb Sapphire x1, Primal Water x1, Rune Powder x1, 450cp
Grenade Living Iron x1, Scoria x1, Gunpowder x1, 200cp
immolator_lImmolator Primal Flame x1, Solution x1, Rune Powder x1, 300cp
implosion_charge_lImplosion Charge Black Pearl x1, Reagent x1, Rune Powder x1, 450cp
lightning_bomb_lLightning Bomb Binding Copper x1, Primal Wind x1, Rune Powder x1, 400cp
sparkcrackers_lSparkcracker Rahi Pods x1, Solution x1, Gunpowder x1, 50cp
Stun Bomb Agate x1, Cave Coral x1, Gunpowder x1, 100cp
candied_nuts_lCandied Nuts Salt x2, Sugar x2, Palohe Nuts x2
captains_banquet_lCaptain's Banquet Salt x2, Sugar x2, Palohe Nuts x2
crusted_swordfish_lCrusted Swordfish Swordfish x1, Maoro x1, Oil x2
forgetful_night_lForgetful Night Gorg x1, Arrack x2
fried_ugly_lFried Ugly Hagfish x1, Oil x1, Egg x1
fireglazed_chops_lGlazed Chops Fresh Fruit x1, Salt x1, Pork x2
Hearty Breakfast Fresh Fruit x1, Pork x1, Egg x1
Honey Wine Hen Fine Aedyran Mead x1, Poultry x1
hot_razor_skewers_lHot Razor Skewers Tahiwa Snapper x2, Spices x1, Fire Kelp x2
khapa_leaf_lKhapa Tea Water x1, Khapa Leaf x3
mariners_porridge_lMariner's Porridge Lager x1, Hardtack x2, Egg x1
mari_cruda_lMari Crudia Fire Kelp x2, Silverfin x4, Roe x2
murk_brew_lMurkbrew Sugar x1, Water x1, Milk x1, Murkberries x2
stew_lSeafood Stew Hagfish x1, Vegetables x1, Cuttlefish x1
shark_soup_lShark Soup Hagfish x1, Vegetables x1, Cuttlefish x1
smoked_rib_rack_lSmoked Rib Rack Salt x2, Spices x1, Pork x3
mohora_wraps_lMohora Warps Koiki Fruit x2, Mohora Meat x2, Khapa Leaf x2
tani_cream_lTani Creams Palm Stone x1, Sugar x1, Milk x1
yolk_bowl_lYolk Bowl Egg x1, Poultry x1, Rice x1
envenomed_barbs_lEnvenomed Barbs  Glaive Berries x1, Cave Coral x1, Venom Sack x1
fugue_spores_lFugue Spores Ink Harp x1, Blood Moss x1, Dank Spore x1
fungal_bite_lFungal Bile Huona Mahe x1, Orlan's Cradle x1, Lagufaeth Liver x1
razorgill_dust_lRazorgill Dust Razorgill x3
scorching_venom_lScorching Venom Rahi Pods x2, Venom Sack x1
stone_joint_lStone Joint Spire Sponge x1, Quill Leaf x1, Scoria x1
storm_toxin_lStorm Toxin Primal Wind x1, Ratiti Root x1, Amber x1
potion_cleansing_purge_lPotion of Cleansing Purge Glaive Berries x1, Reagent x1, Talon x1, 400cp
Potion of Ascension Quill Leaf x1, Reagent x1, Jade x1, 300cp
potion_deftness_lPotion of Deftness Chitin Leg x1, River Reed x1, Pyrite x1, 50cp
Potion of Elemental Defense Primal Rock x1, Awakened Wood x1, Peridot x1, 100cp
px1_potion_of_minor_arcane_reflection_lPotion of Imperfect Arcane Reflection Orlan's Cradle x1, Solution x1, Aquamarine x1, 200cp
Potion of Improved Arcane Reflection Spirit Residue x1, Reagent x1, Adra Ban x1, 300cp
potion_insubstantial_form_lPotion of Insubstantial Form Scales x1, Reagent x1, Jade x1, 350cp
Potion of Impediment Onyx x1, Solution x1, Carapace x1, 250cp
Potion of Invisibility Carapace x1, Reagent x1, Onyx x1, 350cp
Potion of Ironskin Troll Skin x1, Solution x1, Living Iron x1, 200cp
Potion of Major Healing Spire Sponge x1, Reagent x, Mother of Pearl x1, 250cp
potion_of_major_recovery_lPotion of Major Recovery Huona Mahe x1, Solution x1, Pyrite x1, 250cp
potion_mental_prowess_lPotion of Mental Prowess Awakened Root x1, Reagent x1, Amber x1. 300cp
potion_of_merciless_lPotion of Merciless Gaze Dank Spores x1, Cave Coral x1, Velune x1, 100cp
potion_minor_healing_lPotion of Minor Healing Berath's Bell x1, Xaurip Tongue x1, Ta Ondra Tara x1, 50cp
Potion of Miraculous Healing Quill Leaf x1, Skuldr Ear x1, Luminous Adra Dust x1, 450cp
Potion of Moderate Healing Rahi Pods x1, Solution x1, Mother of Pearl x1, 200cp
Potion of Perfect Aim Rahi Pods x1, Reagent x1, Reptilian Eye x1, 400cp
Potion of Physical Prowess Rahi Pods x1, Reagent x1, Velune x1, 300 cp
potion_piercing_strikes_lPotion of Piercing Strikes Agate x1, Solution x1, Talon x1, 250cp
Potion of Refuge Spirit Residue x1, Reagent x1, Leathery Wing x1, 450cp
Potion of Relentless Striking Skuldr Ear x1, Solution x1, Garnet x1, 150cp
Potion of Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage Ooze Plasma x1, Solution x1, Larvae x1, 150cp
Potion of Spatial Alacrity Orlan's Cradle x1, Solution x1, Turquoise x1, 150 cp
potion_spirit_shield_lPotion of Spirit Shield Berath's Bell x1, Pelt x1, Peridot x1, 50cp
Potion of Superior Elemental Defense Primal Wind x1, Reagent x1, Amber x1, 400cp
potion_the_attuned_self_lPotion of the Attuned Self Fang x1, Pox Cap x1, Aquamarine x1, 100cp
Potion of Fearsome Brute Troll Skin x1, Spire Sponge x1, Brutish Blood x1, 450cp
Potion of Final Stand Reptilian Blood x1, Reagent x1, Living Steel x1, 450cp
potion_the_focused_mind_lPotion of Focused Mind Ink Harp x1, Solution x1, Vithrack Brain x1, 200cp
potion_the_resiliant_body_lPotion of the Resilient Body Lagufaeth Liver x1, Solution x1, Turquoise x1, 200 cp
scroll_of_blessing_lScroll of Blessing Ta Ondra Tara x1, Berath's Bell x1, Palm Slats x1,50cp
scroll_of_fan_of_flames_lScroll of Fan of Flames Agate x1, Xaurip Tongue x1, Palm Slats x1, 50cp
scroll_of_minor_healing_lScroll of Minor Healing Ta Ondra Tara x1, Ratiti Root x1, Palm Slats x1, 50 cp
scroll_of_natures_mark_lScroll of Nature's Mark Peridot x1, Dank Spores x1, Palm Slats x1, 50 cp
scroll_of_sunbeam_lScroll of Sunbeam Pyrite x1, Horn x1, Palm Slats x1, 50 cp
scroll_of_thrust_of_the_tattered_veils_lScroll of Thrust of Tattered Veils Scoria x1, Horn x1, Palm Slats x1, 50 cp
scroll_of_winter_wind_lScroll of Winter Wind Aquamarine x1, Ooze Plasma x1, Palm Slats x1, 50 cp
scroll_of_binding_web_lScroll of Binding Web Scoria x1, Chitin Leg x1, Palm Slats x1, 100 cp
scroll_of_fire_brand_lScroll of Firebrand Agate x1, Pox Cap x1, Palm Slats x1, 100 cp
scroll_of_insect_swarm_lScroll of Insect Swarm Peridot x1, Larvae x1, Palm Slats x1, 100 cp
scroll_of_prayer_for_the_body_lScroll of Prayer for the Body Vessel Flesh x1, Vessel Bone x1, Palm Slats x1, 100 cp
scroll_of_ray_of_fire_lScroll of Ray of Fire Agate x1, Rahi Pods x1, Palm Slats x1, 100 cp
scroll_of_withdraw_lScroll of Withdraw Fang x1, Quill Leaf x1, Palm Slats x1, 100 cp
scroll_of_crackling_bolt_lScroll of Crackling Bolt Binding Copper x1, Velune x1, Palm Slats x1, 150 cp
scroll_of_kalakoths_minor_blights_lScroll of Kalakoth's Minor Blights Turquoise x1, Pyrite x1, Palm Slats x1, 150 cp
scroll_of_moderate_healing_lScroll of Moderate Healing Ta Ondra Tara x1, Glaive Berries x1, Palm Slats x1, 150 cp
scroll_of_prayer_for_the_spirit_lScroll of Prayer for the Spirit Mother of Pearls x1, Pelt x1, Palm Slats x1, 150 cp
scroll_of_stags_horn_lScroll of Stag's Horn Antler x1, Scoria x1, Palm Slats x1, 150 cp
scroll_of_twin_stones_lScroll of Twin Stones Primal Rock x1, Fang x1, Palm Slats x1, 150 cp
scroll_of_boiling_spray_lScroll of Boiling Spray Turquoise x1, Agate x1, Palm Slats x1, 150 cp
scroll_of_circle_of_protection_lScroll of Circle of Protection Amber x1, Velune x1, Palm Slats x1, 200 cp
scroll_of_minolettas_concussive_missiles_lScroll of Minoletta's Concussive Missiles Ta Ondra Tara x1, Pyrite x1, Palm Slats x1, 200 cp
scroll_of_moonwell_lScroll of Moonwell Mother of Pearl x1, Huona Mahe x1, Palm Slats x1, 200 cp
scroll_of_pull_of_eora_lScroll of Pull of Eora Onyx x1, Ink Harp x1, Palm Slats x1, 200 cp
scroll_of_shining_beacon_lScroll of Shining Beacon Mother of Pearl x1, Velune x1, Palm Slats x1, 200 cp
scroll_of_embrace_the_earth_talon_lScroll of Embrace of the Earth Talon Primal Rock x1, Talon x1, Palm Slats x1, 250 cp
scroll_of_form_of_the_helpless_beast_lScroll of Form of the Helpless Beast Rune Powder x1, Pork x1, Palm Slats x1, 250 cp
scroll_of_major_healing_lScroll of Major Healing Emerald x1, Orlan's Cradle x1, Palm Slats x1, 250 cp
scroll_of_plague_of_insects_lScroll of Plague of Insects Larvae x1, Chitin Leg x1, Palm Slats x1, 250 cp
scroll_of_protection_lScroll of Circle of Protection Spirit Residue x1, Adra Ban x1, Palm Slats x1, 250 cp
scroll_of_torrent_of_flame_lScroll of Torrent of Flame Primal Flame x1, Garnet x1, Palm Slats x1, 250 cp
scroll_of_chain_lightning_sScroll of Chain Lightning Primal Wind x1, Amber x1, Palm Slats x1, 300 cp
scroll_of_garden_of_life_lScroll of Garden of Life Primal Wind x1, Amber x1, Palm Slats x1, 300 cp
scroll_of_gaze_of_the_adragan_lScroll of Gaze of the Adragan Primal Wind x1, Amber x1, Palm Slats x1, 300 cp
scroll_of_pillar_of_holy_fire_lScroll of Pillar of Holy Fire Ruby x1, Living Iron x1, Palm Slats x1, 300 cp
scroll_of_cleansing_flame_lScroll of Cleansing Flame Palm Slats x1, Ruby x1, Razorgill x1
scroll_of_miraculous_healing_lScroll of Miraculous Healing Adra Ban x1, Pox Cap x1, Palm Slats x1, 350 cp
scroll_of_rusted_armor_lScroll of Rusted Armor Palm Slats x1, Living Iron x1, Primal Water x1
scroll_of_storm_of_holy_fire_lScroll of Storm of Holy Fire Sapphire x1, Primal Flame x1, Palm Slats x1, 350 cp
scroll_of_avenging_storm_lScroll of Avenging Storm Primal Wind x1, Velune x1, Palm Slats x1, 400 cp
scroll_of_hand_of_weal_and_woe_lScroll of Hand of Weal and Woe Ruby x1, Sapphire x1, Palm Slats x1, 400 cp
scroll_of_wilting_wind_lScroll of Wilting Wind Palm Slats x1, Garnet x1, Primal Wind x1
scroll_of_abjuration_lScroll of Great Abjuration Adra Ban x1, Vessel Flesh x1, Palm Slats x1, 450 cp
scroll_of_great_maelstrom_lScroll of Great Maelstrom Primal Wind x1, Primal Flame x1, Palm Slats x1, 450 cp
scroll_of_meteor_shower_lScroll of Meteor Shower Primal Rock x1, Primal Flame x1, Palm Slats x1, 450 cp
scroll_of_tornado_lScroll of Tornado Palm Slats x1, Leathery Wing x1, Primal Wind x1


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