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Lightning Bomb is a Bomb in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Bombs are equipped as Quick Items in a character's inventory. All bombs use the character's Explosives skill to determine their effectiveness. Bombs can be crafted, purchased, or found as loot.


A confounding array of wires and elemental implements. The copper fuse sparks ominously when in close proximity to flesh and armor. When activated, a web of electric bolts explodes from the device, dealing Shock damage and possibly paralyzing any creatures caught in the blast.


Lightning Bomb Information

  • Range: 8m
  • Duration: 3.2s
  • Penetration: 5
  • Interrupts on: Hit
  • Area of Effect: 5m Radius
  • Noise upon use/impact: Silent / Quiet
  • Effects upon exploding:
    • 10-15shock_damage-icon / Accuracy vs. Reflex per 3.0 sec
    • If successful: Paralyzed for 3.2 sec / Accuracy vs. Fortitude per 3.0 sec



Lightning Bomb Location



Lightning Bomb Tips & Notes

  • Sell Value: copper_pand_icon70
  • Purchase Value: copper_pand_icon350



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