Ships in Pillars of Eternity 2 serve as a transportation tool as well as your operation base. Ships have their own stats like Speed, Cannons, etc. When you are exploring the world on your ship, you may also encounter various events. Some of them will reward you with coins and XPs if handled correctly, whilst others will put you in combat.


Ships Information

When you are on the seas, you need to worry about pirates, or enemy ships (from hostile factions), or some special events (like a riff blocked your way or running into some storm). You can re-supply your ship at any ports through World Map.


Ship Combat

 In Pillars of Eternity 2, you can fight enemy ships through a ship-dueling system. It's a turn-based, sort of storybook presentation. When in combat, you need to decide your tactics and take care of your crew members and Hull/Sail health. 



 When you on a sail, you will spend supplies daily and pay your sailor man wages. Your sailor man's moral will affect the XP you received.




Repair Supplies Needed to repair your Hull 10
Medical Supplies Needed to heal your injured Crew Members 10
Cannon Shot Needed to shot enemy ships and crews 10
Water   12
Hardtack   5
Rice   14
Rum   160
Hagfish   68


Ship Upgrades



Dyrwoodan Hog Nose  
Dragonwing +10m Combat Speed, +15 Sail Health, +10% Travel Speed
Blackwood +15m Combat Speed, +15 Hull Health, +5% Travel Speed
Ymyran Steel Helm +5m Combat Speed
Arcane Lanterns +10 Travel Speed
Ymyran Steel Anchor +5m Combat Speed, +5% Travel Speed
Captain's Quarters Make your quarter luxurious.
Menagerie A pen to house all extra pets.


Crew System

You can assign your characters and crew you found around the world to different posts on the ship.  There are 7 types of posts on a ship:

Boatswain: accelerates completion of special events, coordinating decklands' work.

Helmsman: required for turning and jibe actions in ship-to-ship combat. Experienced helmsmen make the ship harder to hit after turning and jibe actions.

Navigator: guides you through the dangers of open seas, increasing ship's navigation speed on the World Map.

Cannoneer: operates cannons, experienced cannoneers shoot more precisely.

Surgeon: treats injured members of your crew, reducing the number of days needed for healing.

Cook: prepares meals for your crew, experienced cook reduces the amount of food and drink consumed.

Deckhand: affects ship's combat and navigation speed. Required to perform any maneuvers in ship-to-ship battle. Determines the chance of retreat.

Each crew member has their own strength and weakness, assign them to the right post will improve the ship's performance. You can hire crews at a port (through World Map) or meet some potential crew members during your trips across Deadfire. Each crew will have their own levels, personalities, race, wages and job traits.

Some recruitable crew:

Rum-Dumb Riggere

  • Location: Port Maje (Jail)
  • Role: Deckhand
  • Traits: Ocean folk, old Vailia, drunkard

You can pick up Rum-Dumb in the Port Maje Jail (after leaving the first area) by either paying his debt, picking the lock, or stealing the key (The Drunk Sailor quest). 


  • Location: Oathbinder's Sanctum
  • Role: Navigator
  • Traits: Wood elf, Aedyr, chatty, drunkard, helmsman

Oswald is currently on trial for a centuries-old crime inside the Oathbinder's Sanctum (found on the island southwest of Neketaka). The Lost Dues in Good Faith quest given by Kahn in the Wild Mare takes you directly to Oswald. 

Handsome Eliam

  • Location: Crookspur
  • Role: Helmsman
  • Traits: Death godlike, Dyrwood, enigmatic, loyal, cook

When you reach the slaver city Crookspur, you can either buy Handsome Eliam for 1,200 coins, or offer him a place on your crew after you kill all the slavers.

Mother Sharp-Rock

  • Location: Caverns of Xaur Tuk-Tuk
  • Role: Deckhand
  • Traits: Xaurip, Deadfire Archipelago, religious, wilder, cook

Opening the cage at the northwest side of the Caverns of Xaur Tuk-Tuk provides the option to recruit this xaurip to your crew. The Caverns can be found by sailing northwest of Port Maje, and you have to explore this area during the Mapping The Achiepelago quest line granted by Sanza in the Queen's Berth.


  • Location: Neketaka (The Gullet)
  • Role: Helmsman
  • Traits: Ogre, Deadfire Archipelago, fearless, impulsive, wilder, cook

Head to the back room on the main floor of The Hole (the tavern at the east side of The Gullet in Neketaka), and talk to the ogre cook. For 400 coins she will join your crew. You can also pick up a pig pet in this same room.


  • Location: Tikiwara
  • Role: Cook
  • Traits: Mountain dwarf, Vailian Republic, chatty, loyal

After exploring the ancient ruins and completing the Storms of Poko Kahara quest, return to Tikiwara and talk to Vektor again to recruit him to your crew.


  • Location: Neketaka (The Brass Citadel)
  • Role: Cannoneer
  • Traits: Coastal amuana, impulsive, irreverent, helmsan, deckhand

After completing several quests, Emeini will eventually be found standing outside the Fleet Master's Office in The Brass Citadel. She's being punished after assaulting her captain, but if you have a reputation of 2 or higher with Neketaka, she will join your crew as a free expert cannoneer.

Worthless Idiot

  • Location: Neketaka (Periki's Overlook)
  • Role: Navigator
  • Traits: Imp, greedy, primordial

Worthless Idiot is found just to the west of the watershaper's guild in Periki's Overlook.

Sea Encounters

Just like traveling on land, you may have encountered on the sea. Deal them carefully to get additional benefits, or suffer losses.

  • Before the encounter starts, you can choose to retreat. (success chance depends on deackhands).
  • The encounter is turn-based. Each turn you can choose to speed up, to turn, or maintain current course. Maintain current course will increase your chance of hits.
  • If a certain sailor is hit and cannot perform his/her duties.(Helmsman down and you cannot turn, Cannoneer down you cannot fire cannons etc. )You can use "report to" command to replace the sailor.
  • Your distance to the enemy ship and direction is shown on the bottom of the encounter screen. The closer you get, the more accurate your shots get. You can also board the enemy ships when close enough.
  • Your sailors gain XP through successful naval encounter.




Sail Health

Hull Health


Min Crew

Dyrwoodan Sloop 20 50 starting 5
Voyager 25 50 20000 5
Dhow 40 80 35000 7
Galleon 40 120 50000 8
Junk 60 80 60000 9


You can rename your ship.

You may recruit pirates and sailors to join your crew. Doing so grants specific bonuses as detailed below:

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  • ??


    • Anonymous

      29 Jun 2018 16:16  

      On the ship management/crew screen - what do overlay icons on the three left bottom positions mean? Middle is obviously cook position, maybe right is surgeon? And left one?

      • Anonymous

        19 May 2018 17:43  

        No there are two maybe four late game ones.


        Once you get far enough into the main story you have to side with one of the four main factions in game in order to get to where the giant is headed.

        I know one of them gives you a submarine ship for siding with them. I would assume the other three factions also give you a different type of ship when siding with them.

        You can also do it solo by traveling around, getting all the best ship upgrades listed above and putting them on the "Junk" ship.


        • Anonymous

          10 May 2018 02:31  

          A list of all available ship types would be real sweet, or are those 4 or 5 available at Neketaka right at the beginning of the game (highest tier being the Junk) really *it*?

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