Ships in Pillars of Eternity 2 serve as a transportation tool as well as your operation base. Ships have their own stats like Speed, Cannons, etc. When you are exploring the world on your ship, you may also encounter various events. Some of them will reward you with coins and XPs if handled correctly, whilst others will put you in combat.


Ships Information

When you are on the seas, you need to worry about pirates, or enemy ships (from hostile factions), or some special events (like a riff blocked your way or running into some storm). You can re-supply your ship at any ports through World Map.


Ship Combat

 In Pillars of Eternity 2, you can fight enemy ships through a ship-dueling system. It's a turn-based, sort of storybook presentation. When in combat, you need to decide your tactics and take care of your crew members and Hull/Sail health. 



 When you on a sail, you will spend supplies daily and pay your sailor man wages. Your sailor man's moral will affect the XP you received.




Repair Supplies   10
Medical Supplies   10
Cannon Shot   10
Water   12
Hardtack   5
Rice   14
Rum   160
Hagfish   68


Crew System

You can assign your characters and crew you found around the world to different posts on the ship.  There are 7 types of posts on a ship:







Deckhand - Determine the chance of retreat.

Each crew member has their own strength and weakness, assign them to the right post will improve the ship's performance. You can hire crews at a port (through World Map). Each crew will have their own levels, personalities, race, wages and job traits.


 Sea Encounters

Just like traveling on land, you may have encountered on the sea. Deal them carefully to get additional benefits, or suffer losses.

  • Before the encounter starts, you can choose to retreat. (success chance depends on deackhands).
  • The encounter is turn-based. Each turn you can choose to speed up, to turn, or maintain current course. Maintain current course will increase your chance of hits.
  • If a certain sailor is hit and cannot perform his/her duties.(Helmsman down and you cannot turn, Cannoneer down you cannot fire cannons etc. )You can use "report to" command to replace the sailor.
  • Your distance to the enemy ship and direction is shown on the bottom of the encounter screen. The closer you get, the more accurate your shots get. You can also board the enemy ships when close enough.
  • Your sailers gain XP through successful naval encounter.



Sail Health


Hull Health


Combat Speed


Travel Speed



You may recruit pirates and sailors to join your crew. Doing so grants specific bonuses as detailed below:

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