Merchants in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are covered on this page. Merchants will trade with your character in POE2, they can be found in every location of Eora. Or you may try to steal from them, a good way to acquire better items in gam.e




Port Maje

  • Well-traveled Supplier:
    • Requires Berath's Blessings 
    • Unique and enchanted items at a 50% discount


Queen's Berth

  • Cobbler:
    • Boots 


The Wild Mare

  • Gyntel:
    • Food, supplies, rooms, crew 


  • Himuihi:
    • Rooms

Ori o Koīki

  • Kipeha:
    • Supplies, food, and ingredients.
    • Kuaru's Prize
    • This character allows free resting. 


Fort Deadlight

Outcast's Respite

  • Tama Watua:
    • High end alchemical ingredients

Junvik Village

Periki's Overlook


The Pickled Eel

  • Tavernkeeper:
    • Food and drink.

The Gullet

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