Spells in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is covered on this page.



  • Spells and Abilities have received some under the hood tweaks and improvements from the first game, including adjusting your targeting before cast.



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    • Anonymous

      I understand not wanting to include all the spells available in the game here. If we are talking druid, wizard, chanter, sipher that's 100's of additions on it own.

      Things get even more complicated when you start factoring in warrior, paladin, rogue, ans ranger skills.

      As spells like they do in divinity original sin 2. Given how many people actually played this game properly nobody is doing that.

      • Anonymous

        To give an example any "unique" grimoir (in yellow) contains a unique spell in most cases. For example the one you get from the wizards vault has improved ray of fire (frost ray) and improved fire ball (frost ball) and that's just 1 grimoir.

        • Anonymous

          It's also worth noting that this wizards spell list doesn't include the unique wizard spells only found in grimoirs. Potentially OP didn't even know about those.

          • Anonymous

            It's worth noting that these are just the wizard spells. Many classes (druid, cleric, Cypher, bard) all have functional spell casting in this game as well and all have a different pool of abilities they pull from.

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