Builds in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are player-created combinations of race, class, abilities and equipment that suit a particular playstyle. Before picking a Pillars of Eternity 2 build, players should familiarize themselves with the distinctive Classes and the concept of Multiclassing.

Builds can be shared at the bottom of the page or in the Comments below. 

The follow are a few extra guides and tips on Pillars of Eterinity to get you started with creating a build and help with Character Creation decisions.


Best Pillars of Eternity 2 Builds

  1. Sage - Spirit Lancer Combining the best of the offensive and defensive abilities of the Wizard and Monk: Sage Build
  2. Inquisitor - An optimum blend of martial, healing and casting abilities: Inquisitor Build
  3. Holy Slayer -  High damage Sniper build: Holy Slayer Build
  4. Savage - Gain quick attack speed and efficiency to deal substantial burst damage: Savage Build
  5. Ancient - Druid Subclass that specializes in plant and beast Spells: Ancient Terror Build
  6. Eder - A companion chosen to be a Swashbuckler in this build: Eder Build
  7. Cleric - Gain Offensive and defensive buffs accompanied with combat prowess: Ghost Blade Build
  8. Debonair Rogue - Receive 100% Hit to Crit conversion when attacking Charmed enemies: Mindstalker Build
  9. Pallegina - Set for front line DPS with Perception, Might, Constitution and Resolve: Pallegina Build  (Turn-Based & RTWP)
  10. Brute - Reaping Whirlwind build makes a character aggressive yet focused in melee combat: Reaping Whirlwind Build





Pillars of Eternity 2 Builds will take a number of recommended weapons, classes and feature to create a combination suitable for different players and their playstyles. Below you will find some of the Best Builds available in Pillars of Eternity 2 when starting out. Poe2 Build creation starts at the beginning of character creation. If you are on your first playthrough, check the content below for guidance on which direction to choose when creating a build. These builds aim to optimize the different primary Stats such as AccuracyRecovery, Penetration, Reflex and Fortitude which will also then affect your Attributes such as Might, Constitution and so on. It will feature builds made around specific Classes, Companions, and will even feature builds optimized for their new turn-based game mode as well classic real-time gameplay builds.

These stats and equipment can be swapped out to better suit each person's strengths and preferences. These deadfire builds were created to be experimented with so that players may find aspects that they like and modify it to their own preference or be inspired to create easy builds on their own. Use these builds a guide and a starting point for your progress. Once a build has been made, players are free to share them with others to continue to create better builds and add improvements as updates are released. Since the release of the game, a few mechanics, game modes and features have been added to the game, which have also been taken into consideration when creating the builds below.

Build Guides and Tips for starting your own build:

  • The New Player Help page has basic key information about game mechanics and gameplay to get started on easy builds. 
  • It is good to know the different kinds of Combat engagements in game so players know what to prepare for and anticipate when creating a build. Some people will prefer dealing DoT damage or prefer AoE attacks. Keep in mind there are also different builds that will be more suitable depending on the game mode. 
  • How do you start creating a build? In this game, the base features of the build start with choosing your initial classes in character creation so be familiar with the available ClassesMulticlassing and Companions.
  • How do you choose a build? When choosing a build direction, you can base it on your preferred combat playstyle. If asking What is my Playstyle in Pillars 2? This could depend if you prefer melee weapons, Spells, aggressive or defensive combat, or you could notice how you prefer to deal with enemies, such as preferring to debuff them or face them at close or medium range. There will always be a class, or equipment set to complement your playstyle. 
  • When creating a build, Equipment is one of the most important factors to choose from, so it would be ideal to check Weapons, Spells and Armor to be aware of the full inventory there is in the game and their accompanying stats
  • Experiment. There are plenty of combinations and Classes to choose from, and experimenting different equipment may result in finding another playstyle that you may enjoy. 
  • If set on a build, follow it through and be consistent, upgrading those in the set. For example if choosing a Paladin, focus on strength. 


Builds for Pillars of Eternity 2 by Fextralife

Natures Cyclone: Pillars 2 Ascetic Builds Guide


This build is centered around the Ascetic class in Pillars of Eternity 2, a mixture of Druid and Monk. This build is a tank build that is centered around dealing tons of AoE damage, while maintaining its position on the battlefield. Click here to read about the full guide on the Natures Cyclone Ascentic Builds Guide

The reason it is advised that you play this Build as a tank, instead of a DPS are a few. First, Nature’s Terror is not a Foe AoE, meaning it will hit anyone, friendlies included. Second, Monks need to be hit in order to gain Wounds, and the best way to get them is by being the center of attention for the enemy. And last, enemies need to be grouped up for best results, and enemies tend to congregate around the tank. 

Companion: Pillars 2 Pallegina Builds Guide


Pallegina can be found in Neketaka at the royal court. Depending on your dialogue options with the Queen, you can recruit her or Maia Rua or both of them. Once recruited, you will immediately need to choose between a Single Class Paladin, a Multiclass Crusader (Fighter/Paladin) or a Multiclass Herald (Paladin/Chanter). This can be a very tough decision for new players because it’s one that is permanent, and cannot be reversed later. Click here to read about the full guide on the Companion: Pillars 2 Pallegina Builds Guide

Pallegina’s stat spread is set up for front line DPS with a combination of decent Perception, modest Might and Constitution and high Resolve. She has low Dexterity so she will perform better in the Turn-Based version of the game when compared to Real Time With Pause. She can however play the ranged DPS role, though it is a bit more difficult to set her up properly.



Pillars 2 Deadfire Companion Build: Maia (Turn-Based & RTWP)


Maia can be found in the Royal Court in the Serpent’s Crown District of Neketaka. Depending on your dialogue choices you can recruit her, Pallegina or both of the them. Once recruited, you will immediately need to choose between a Single Class Ranger (Gunhawk), Multiclass Scout (Rogue/Ranger), or a Multiclass Geomancer (Ranger/Wizard).  Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Deadfire Companion Build: Maia (Turn-Based & RTWP)

Maia’s stat spread is perfect for Ranged DPS since she has decent Might, good Dexterity and high Perception. She is more suited for Real Time With Pause than Turn-Based because of the Dexterity and because her pet bird only attacks once in Turn-Based, while all other pets will attack twice. In RTWP all pets attack once, so this is not a disadvantage in this mode.

Pillars 2 Companion Build: Tekēhu (Turn-Based & RTWP)


Tekēhu can be found at the Watershapers Guild in the Periki’s Overlook district of Neketaka. Once recruited you’ll have to decide between a Single Class Chanter, Single Class Druid or a Theurge (Multiclass Druid/Chanter). Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Companion Build: Tekēhu (Turn-Based & RTWP)

Tekēhu’s stat spread is much more suited to Real Time With Pause than Turn-Based because of the a higher Dexterity value and a modest amount of Might. He also has only 10 Perception, making him more suited for a Chanter that buffs teammates and summons things than a DPS, but unfortunately his Subclass of Chanter doesn’t allow for summons. When I play him, I make him a Single Class Druid and I’ll explain why.


Pillars 2 Companion Build Guide: Serafen (Turn-Based & RTWP)


Serafen can be found immediately once you depart the starting island of the game, and have repaired your ship. Once recruited you’ll need to choose between a Single Class Cipher, Single Class Barbarian or a Witch (Cipher/Barbarian) Multiclass.  Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Companion Build Guide: Serafen (Turn-Based & RTWP) Serafen’s stat spread is better for Turn-Based than Real Time With Pause because of the high Might and modest Dexterity, but he can play the ranged or melee DPS role effectively due to a high Health pool. When I like to play Serafen, I play him as a Single Class Barbarian, and I’ll explain why that is.

Pillars 2 Companion Build Guide: Aloth (Turn-Based & RTWP)


Aloth can be found at the Engwithan Digsite, which is east of Port Maje. He is trapped with some researchers in the center of the dig, and you can free him after defeating the enemies there, or by sneaking by them and completing the area and coming back to the center of the digsite. Once recruited, you will immediately need to choose between a Single Class Wizard (No Subclass), Multiclass Spellblade (Rogue/Wizard), or a Multiclass Battlemage (Fighter/Wizard). This can be a very tough decision for new players because it’s one that is permanent, and cannot be reversed later. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Companion Build Guide: Aloth (Turn-Based & RTWP)

Aloth’s Stat spread is setup for a ranged DPS/Crowd Control role. He has some Might, good Dexterity and Perception and excellent Intelligence which is better for Real Time With Pause than Turn-Based. He has poor Constitution, making him less than ideal for front lines, and why I wouldn’t advise making him a Spellblade. Many of the Rogue’s passives are only effective in melee range (Riposte, Backstab, Persistent Distraction), while Fighter provides some abilities that benefit even ranged DPS (Disciplined Strikes, Conqueror’s Stance, Armored Grace).


Pillars 2 Companion Build Guide: Xoti (Turn-Based & RTWP)


Xoti can be found in Port Maje, which is the first town you will come to on the world map. After the brief dialogue (that auto plays) when you get there, head right and you will find her in discussion there. Once recruited, you will immediately need to choose between a Single Class Monk, Single Class Priest, or a Multiclass Contemplative (a mix of the two).  Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Companion Build Guide: Xoti (Turn-Based & RTWP)

Xoti’s stat spread contains a bit of everything, so she won’t be particularly amazing, but she can be decent at either Support or Striking. When I use Xoti, I usually drop her into a melee Striker Role rather than the Support Role, and there are a couple reasons for that.

Pillars 2 Companion Build Guide: Edér (Turn-Based & RTWP)


Edér will be found immediately after Character Creation if he survived your game save from PoE 1, or if you chose from one of the generated world states. After the brief ship battle you can recruit him on the beach and you will immediately need to choose between a Single Class Fighter, Single Class Rogue, or a Multiclass Swashbuckler (a mix of the two). Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Companion Build Guide: Edér (Turn-Based & RTWP)

Whenever I use Edér I always drop him into the Defender role, and there are a few reasons for that. First, his Attribute point spread is more ideal for a Defender than that of a Striker, though this is more true in the Real-Time With Pause version of the game than the Turn-Based version. Second, he’s a Human, and Fighting Spirit works best on characters that tend to get hit often. Third, both of his Classes are “No Subclass” versions, meaning they don’t excel at Striking (or Defending). And last, there are some great Defending synergies between Rogue and Fighter, which I will explain.


Pillars 2 Transcendent Build (Swift Annihilation)


The Swift Annihilation Build uses a combination of deadly attacks and spells from Monk and Cipher to handle any situation you may face. What I really like about this combination is that you combine 2 self sustaining Classes that can regain resources through out the course of fight, so that they never have to just auto attack. Ciphers do this by attacking and Monks do this by being attacked, which means no matter what you do you are constantly gaining Focus or Wounds. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Transcendent Build (Swift Annihilation)

Pillars 2 Tempest Build (Berserker’s Fury)


The Bersker’s Fury is a Mage Build that focuses on casting spells quickly while dealing maximum damage with maximum Penetration. The extra +2 Penetration that a Berserker’s Frenzy provides is added to the extra +1 that the Fury deals while transformed, for a total of +3 Penetration on Druid Elements spells. Getting enough Penetration is one of the most challenging parts of being a spell caster in Pillars of Eternity, and with this setup that will no longer be an issue. When you Over Penetrate you will gain +30% Damage. This makes for an especially deadly mix.

Once combat begins you’ll cast Spirit Shift Stormblight to get the extra Range and Penetration, then pop Frenzy for increased Might, Action Speed, Armor and Penetration. You do Spiritshift first to avoid the penalty to Intellect from Frenzy, which would reduce the time you remain Shifted. Then you go to town with your favorite single target or AoE damage spell, killing targets as quickly as you can in order to remain in Stormblight form. Each kill will extend your Duration, so it’s imperative you kill things quickly. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Tempest Build (Berserker’s Fury)


5 Turn-Based Builds For Pillars Of Eternity 2


This video features the following builds:

  1. Psyblade Tank Build
  2. Forbidden Fist Votary Build
  3. Berserking Warlock Build
  4. Skirmishing Scout Build
  5. Elemental Shifter Build

 Click here to read about the full guide on the 5 Turn-Based Builds listed above

5 More Turn-Based Builds For Pillars Of Eternity 2


This video features the following builds:

  1. Relentless Fury Build
  2. Agile Deepstalker Build
  3. Primordial Warden Build
  4. Zealous Assassin Build
  5. Fraying Brawler Build

Click here to read about the full guide on the 5 Turn-Based Builds listed above


Pillars 2 Psyblade Build (Phantom Tactician)


This Psyblade Build combines the reliable combat damage of the Fighter Class, with an assortment of debilitating Cipher spells, for a potent “hybrid” mix. Not only will you deal incredible single target damage with this Build, but you will be able to keep many many enemies debuffed at once, resulting in more reliable endeavors from your teammates. This Build is the ultimate mix of martial and caster playstyles!

The Phantom Tactician Build relies on the passive benefit of the Tactician Fighter Subclass to regain resources when all enemies are Flanked and none of your party members are. At first glance this seems like a daunting task, but when you are able to cast the Cipher Ability Phantom Foes at will, you are able to meet the conditions for Brilliant Tactician very reliably. This results in a steady supply of Discipline which you can use for Penetrating Strike. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Psyblade Build (Phantom Tactician)

Pillars 2 Holy Slayer Build: Righteous Rejuvenator


This multiclass build uses the Streetfighter Rogue and Steel Garrote Paladin to sustain itself while fighting multiple enemies at once, dealing massive single target damage and healing through the Steel Garrote’s subclass passive, which heals you for a portion of damage dealt vs. Afflicted enemies.

Streetfighters specialize in fighting multiple enemies at once due to decreased Recovery Time of 50%, and increased Sneak Attack damage by 50%, when Flanked or Bloodied and increased Weapon Crit damage by 100% when both Flanked and Bloodied. Steel Garotte grants the Garrote ability that Paralyzes one enemy, deals Raw damage while Paralysis is active, and after the effect ends the target becomes Prone. It is a useful ability to remove one enemy from the fight for short period of time while doing some damage. The passive that we are going to benefit the most from is 15% Weapon Damage against afflicted enemies returned as healing. It is not an insane heal by any means but with this build it is going to sustain us while we deal with the enemies. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Holy Slayer Build: Righteous Rejuvenator


Pillars 2 Druid Build: Ancient Terror


This is a Single Class Druid Build because we do not want to lose Power Levels and access to more powerful spells. What this build does is it slowly but surely kills enemies with lots of DoT spells and serves as a secondary healer at the same time. Ancients gets increased Power Level with all Beast and Plant spells, making Spells like: Plague of Insects, Venombloom and Insect Swarm more potent. In addition, this Build provides ways to deal with any beast by Charming or Paralyzing them and has summoning options as well. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Druid Build: Ancient Terror

Pillars 2 Mindstalker Build: Puppet Master


The Debonaire Rogue class specializes in Charming enemies, and it receives the Roguish Charm ability which Charms enemies, and that only costs 1 Guile. Debonaire Rogues also receive 100% Hit To Crit conversion when attacking Charmed enemies, and 15% Hit to Graze conversion when being attacked if not afflicted at that time. Note that Hit to Crit works against Charmed enemies, not Dominated ones. The downside of playing a Debonaire Rogue is that it cannot engage enemies, making Persistent Distraction, which is one of the best passive abilities in game, unavailable.  This subclass also receives the Cowardice debuff which adds a -10 penalty to Accuracy if not near another party member.

Debonaire Rogues can be played as single class, but it isn’t nearly as effective. Instead I have decided to multiclass it with a Beguiler Cipher due to many abilities that could Charm enemies. The Beguiler Subclass also grants Deception Cipher spells increased range and restores Focus whenever Deception spells have been successfully cast on an enemy that is vulnerable to Sneak Attack. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Mindstalker Build: Puppet Master



Pillars 2 Cleric Build: Unholy Champion


This build is a combination of Tank and Debuffer, and is just one of many ways you can build around the new Woedica subclass. I find this combination very powerful and useful for the team because it utilizes everything at its disposal to heavily debuff enemies while Tanking, filling 2 roles with one character. Typical tank builds don’t do much except stand and take hits, but this one is the complete opposite. Not only does it do a lot more, it’s much more dynamic.

Priests of Woedica gains 5 new spells called Writs, and each Writ puts different AoE debuffs which last for a good amount of time. These Writs vary from Afflictions such as Staggered, to enemies not being able to use abilities or spells of any kind. It is a very powerful subclass if used correctly, however, when Multiclassing we lose access to Writ of Mending. Fighter is a great Multiclassing option because it increases survivability and its abilities grant Concentration, amongst other benefits, which is very important since we are casting in melee range all the time and getting interrupted can be problematic otherwise. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Cleric Build: Unholy Champion

Pillars 2 Companion Build: Vatnir Zealot


Vatnir can be played as Priest of Rymrgand, Zealot (Priest + Rogue) or Celebrant (Priest + Chanter). Playing either of these Classes is viable and can be done in many different ways. I have chosen the Zealot for Vatnir because of all the offensive and defensive abilities at your disposal that compliment Vatnir,  and also the really nice attribute points spread that affecst most of the abilities used in this build.

It would be awesome if the Streetfighter Rogue Subclass could be used for Vatnir but unfortunately we are stuck with no subclass Rogue. Vatnir is an Endings Godlike, a new race unique specifically to him, and Endings Godlike have 2 passives:

 When you look at the Oblivion armor passive and Plague Host racial passive, it becomes obvious that Vatnir works best when at low Health. So my goal for this build was to keep him at low Health as much as possible to dish out a high amount of damage at a fast pace, while also Sickening everyone around him. 

The Priest of Rymrgand offers a lot of defensive and offensive possibilities, while Rogue can bring to the table high Single Target damage to finish quickly anyone that is left after a couple of powerful Spells. This build relies mostly around the Barring Death’s Door Ability, making it impossible to play solo before level 13.

Barring Death’s Door becomes available for Single Class Priests at lvl 9 and for Multiclass at lvl 13, so you are going to either have it on another Single Class Priest in your party or on Vatnir himself. Vatnir is still going to be very good in every fight but he wont be as powerful during the early game, which is a general issue for most Multiclasses. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Companion Build: Vatnir Zealot



Pillars 2 Brute Build: Reaping Whirlwind


This Brute Build (Reaping Whirlwind) combines that fast and aggressive nature of the Barbarian with the steady, focused attacks of the Fighter. Combined you deal incredible single target damage, which ramps up as combat goes on, and you down enemies. With the 1.1.0 patch, many Builds were nerfed, however, this one still remains strong despite this. If you ever wanted to play a fiercely aggressive melee warrior, then try out the Reaping Whirlwind! Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Brute Build: Reaping Whirlwind

Pillars 2 Savage Build: Savage Archer


The Savage Archer uses a combination of the quick attack speed of the Barbarian and the increased efficiency of the Ranger class to deal substantial burst damage to enemies around it. On top of that you get the added benefit of an extremely tanky pet that can handle several enemies at once, taking some pressure off yourself. If you’ve been looking for a good Ranger Build, then try out the Savage Archer!

There are 2 parts to this Build. The first is having zero Recovery Time after killing an enemy, allowing you to fire again instantly, or twice back to back on your next shot. The second part of this Build involves the War Bow Frostseeker which strikes in an AoE each time it Crits. Since it fires 3 projectiles, this gives it 3 chances to have an AoE, striking each nearby enemy. Once you gain the passive Driving Flight, this becomes 6 projectiles, with a potential for 6 AoEs.  Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Savage Build: Savage Archer


Pillars 2 Cleric Build: Ghost Blade


The Cleric uses the offensive and defensive buffs of the Priest and pairs it with the combat prowess of the Fighter class. Together you get a formidable combination of both offense and defense, that can take on lone enemies or swathes of foes easily. For those of you who just want to look like a badass while smacking things in the face as hard as you can, then this Build is for you!

This Cleric Build utilizes the Spiritual Weapon of the Priest in order to do insane damage to all enemies struck. When combined with the Cleaving Stance of the Fighter, whenever you down an enemy, you deal damage to one enemy near you. This makes it easy to finish another target and repeat this process. In addition, Clear Out will allow you to strike all enemies near you, prompting further Cleaves from your sword. In short, you can make quick work of many enemies in a very short span of time. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Cleric Build: Ghost Blade

Pillars 2 Spellblade Build: Riposte Tank


The Spellblade pairs the ability of the Rogue to Riposte against missed melee attacks, with the high Deflection and defensive buffs of the Wizard Class. This results in many attacks against enemies, and allows for a tank that deals excellent damage. If you’ve been looking for a Riposte Tank Build, then this is the one for you!

 This Build works by using the summoned weapon Citzal’s Spirit Lance, which attacks in an AoE around the target you are attacking. This allows for Ripostes to deal massive damage against all enemies near you, and allows for the application of negative status effects on all enemies, further increasing their miss chance and further bolstering your damage. For example, if you use Gouging Strike you will Blind all enemies around you, put DoTs on them, deal increased damage and and make them Flanked. This will then allow you to gain your Sneak Attack bonus against them as well as your Deathblows bonus, all the while protecting you from attacks. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Spellblade Build: Riposte Tank



Pillars 2 Sage Build: Spirit Lancer



The Sage combines the defensive capabilities of the Wizard with the fast attack speed of the Monk for a potent blend of both offense and defense. Unlike most Monks who fight Unarmed, the Sage fights Two-Handed with a Pike, dealing devastating damage to all those around it. This synergizes well with many Monk Abilities that use Wounds as their resource, because most of them are Primary Attacks, and are less effective when Unarmed than when Two-Handing.

This Sage Build utilizes the Conjuration spell of the Wizard Class called: Citzal’s Spirit Lance in order to summon a Pike that does AoE damage on each attack, making it one of few Weapons that can do this. Because it attacks in an AoE we are able to capitalize on the Monk’s Swift Flurry ability to ridiculous levels of magnitude, as each time it triggers you will stab each enemy in an AoE which prompts more opportunities to proc Swift Flurry. Click here to read about the full guide on the Sage Build: Spirit Lancer

Pillars 2 Fanatic Build: Dual Pistols fanatic build pillar 2 wiki guide


Fanatics use the speed and raw power of the Barbarian, in addition to some of the best defenses in the game brought to the table by the Paladin class. Paladins also provide a heavy-hitting ability in Flames of Devotion, which might just be the single most deadly attack in the game that only costs 1 Zeal. You can play this Build as a melee, and in fact it probably works best as a melee character, however in this Guide we’re going to be using purely Ranged Weapons (Pistols). 

Once combat begins the Fanatic will buff with Frenzy to increase its Action Speed and Damage. We then open fire on the nearest target with Flames of Devotion, unloading 2 rounds into our target. This should generally kill it, but if not we repeat this process once more. Fanatics gain a further increase in Action Speed once they’ve killed any enemy, so they will be attacking even faster once the first one goes down. The strategy is simple, keep firing with Flames, and keep your Action Speed up with Frenzy. If you want to dual-wield Pistols, this is one of the most effective Builds you can make. Note that in Turn-Based you won’t attack faster, you’ll just go sooner in the next round. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Fanatic Build: Dual Pistols


Pillars 2 Brawler: Unarmed

brawler build pillar 2 wiki guide

The Brawler class combines that lightning fast attacks of the Monk with the combat prowess of the Fighter. Fighters provide healing, weapon expertise and the option to wear some Armor with low Recovery Time penalty. This helps to fill in the weaknesses of the Monk, and is an extremely deadly combination, that often results in many downed enemies within seconds. This an very solid Multiclass that is highly recommended to anyone that just wants reliable damage with decent survive ability.

First, using the Monk Ability Swift Flurry, we gain the option to strike again whenever we Crit with a Weapon. When combined with the Cleaving Stance of the Fighter, we often proc this a few times when one enemy goes down, usually killing another enemy which just repeats this process. It used to be that Swift Flurry worked with any weapon (when this Build first came out), and Blunderbusses made a great option because they fired multiple projectiles, but now Dual Wielding is the way to go for this Build since it gives you the most attacks possible per attack as a Brawler. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Brawler: Unarmed

Pillars 2 Holy Slayer: Sniper


The Holy Slayer class has extremely high burst damage because of the Paladin’s strong attacks with Flames of Devotion, and the Rogue’s bonuses to damage. Holy Slayers also utilize Stealth to the fullest, not only using it to further increase the damage they deal, but also as a tool to get a way when things are looking grim. If you’re looking for the lone gunman on the grassy knoll, then look no further. This Build is the closest thing to a Sniper there is in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire. Note that it works better as a solo Build, but can work just fine in a group, as long as you are controlling it.

Holy Slayers begin combat from Stealth, firing a single Flames of Devotion into their first target, usually killing it in a single shot. If not they quickly fire a second, before turning invisible with Smoke Veil and then taking down their next target. When they are just about out of Guile, they quickly retreat to get out of combat, replenish all their resources and then repeat this process. Holy Slayers pick off their targets one by one, making a mockery of any real challenge the game presents, and rendering even the hardest fights in the game easy.  Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Holy Slayer: Sniper



Pillars 2 Ravager Build: Unarmed


The Ravager class has extremely fast attacks that deal Raw Damage to all enemies around them via the Barbarian’s Carnage ability. Monks gain increased Damage, Accuracy and Penetration with Unarmed attacks, and we put that to good use in this Build. In my testing with the Ravager, I found that Fists out perform other Weapons in nearly every scenario I faced, particularly if you are poorly geared. Bare Fists for the win!

Ravagers buff themselves with Frenzy and Swift Flurry to gain maximum Action Speed and damage. While the +15% Action Speed will be overwritten by Frenzy’s +25%, Ravagers will still benefit from the increased Dexterity, and you will need use both Swift Flurry and Frenzy for this Build to work properly. Please note that this section is quite a bit different from the video, and you should follow the written guide where it contradicts the video. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Ravager Build: Unarmed

Pillars 2 War Caller Build: Dual Battle Axes


If you are playing a War Caller then you are most likely going to be doing the majority of your damage with Weapons or Chants. This is because outside of Disciplined Strikes, Fighters don’t possess many abilities that increase the effectiveness of casting. With that said, in this Guide we will be focusing on the “martial” version of the War Caller, that augments Fighter’s weapon abilities with the Chants and Invocations of the Chanter. Specifically with Melee Weapons, and Chants and Invocations that work well in melee range. This Build is intended to be used in a party, but also functions extremely well solo.

With this Build we utilize the high Critical Chance we gain from Paralyzing bunches of enemies to gain more Phrases, and deal increased damage. We use the At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff Invocation for this, and when the Paralyze wears off we go ahead and use it again. Between the Invocation and the Phrases: Come, Come Soft Winds of Death and The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed the enemies we face will not only be CCed nearly all the time, but they will also be taking damage for the Duration they are CCed. This makes it easy for us to pick off targets, and get AoEs from our Cleaving Stance, all while healing at the same time via Constant Recovery. Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 War Caller Build: Dual Battle Axes



Pillars 2 Inquisitor Build: Great Sword & Arquebus


The Inquisitor is an intriguing class because it blends the martial and healing abilities of the Paladin with the martial and casting abilities of the Cipher. If you’re playing this class then you are most likely going to focus a portion of your time dealing damage with Weapons, with a varying amount of spell casting, depending on which Cipher Subclass you chose. This Guide is for a melee Inquisitor, that also uses a Firearm to begin fights, and uses abilities with short cast times in order to spend most of its time fighting hand-to-hand.

With this Build we take advantage of the Cipher’s natural bonus to Weapon Damage, and potential to deal incredible damage with Soul Annihilation. These combine well with the Paladin’s powerful attack, Flames of Devotion, and its ability to heal and buff its Armor. Together you get an incredible blend of offense and defense that is rivaled by few Classes. One fantastic aspect of this Build is that later in the game you will gain access to Virtuous Triumph, which allows you to gain resources back 25% of the time when you kill enemies! Click here to read about the full guide on the Pillars 2 Inquisitor Build: Great Sword & Arquebus

More Builds Coming Soon!




Builds for Pillars of Eternity 2 Shared by the Community

Additional Pillars 2 Builds are welcomed to be submitted and shared here. Players may share their favorite recommendation and information on various Classes, Companions and combinations or what they used to get through specific quests and sections of the game.  To add a build, tap the edit button at the top right section of the page and fill in the columns below. 

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Pillars 2 Builds

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