Penetration is a stat in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

When a damaging attack hits a target, the attack's Penetration is compared to the target's Armor Rating to determine how much damage gets through.

Penetration comes from the weapon or spell that is being used, but can be raised through the use of magic, AbilitiesTalents, or weapon enchantments. Penetration is compared to the Armor Rating of the attack's damage type. E.g. A Fireball will always check Penetration against Burn Armor Rating. Raw Damage bypasses all armor and does not need to penetrate.

Full Penetration (+30% Damage) - Penetration is twice the target's Armor Rating or more.

Penetration (Listed Damage) - Penetration meets or exceeds the target's Armor Rating.

No Penetration (-70% Damage) - Penetration is less than the target's Armor Rating.

Penetration Notes & Tips

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