Whispers of Yenwood



17-25 Pierce/Slash






Exceptional: +30% Damage, +8 Accuracy, +2 Penetration
Reliable: 25% of Misses converted to Grazes
Soul Cutter: +20% Damage against Spirits, +15 Accuracy against Spirits
Whispers of the Dead: -5 Will, Receiving Critical Hits causes an additional -5 Will until combat ends (stacks 5 times)

Whispers of Yenwood is a unique Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The blade is covered with graceful Glanfathan engravings. Whispers of Yenwood was once the sword of the first Roadwarden of Caed Nua.When the Erl of Yenwood appointed Cafed Eodhart, the young lord feared the spirits that were rumored to dwell under the young castle's foundation. He spent a sizeable sum to have the black Ymyran steel blade forged, shipped to the Eastern Reach for engraving by the erl's Glanfathan slave artisans, and enchanted in New Dunryd.

Cafed is known to have used the sword in the Battle of Old Geiran and to help the neighboring Raedrics suppress an uprising in Gilded Vale, but there is no recorded use of it in Caed Nua.

Over time, Cafed began to believe that the sword had been cursed by the Glanfathan artisans who decorated it. He confided in those close to him that he thought the spirits of the dead were speaking to him through the blade while he slept.

One evening, against the pleas of his wife and soldiers, a maddened Cafed carried the sword deep into the misty woods of Eir Glanfath. His body was never recovered, but the next Roadwarden the erl assigned to Caed Nua found it waiting for him on the throne in the keep's great hall. None of the soldiers could explain how the sword had appeared there. No Roadwarden has carried the sword since that day.


Whispers of Yenwood Location/Where to find

  • Can be restored by Marihi from the Fragments of Whispers of Yenwood at Periki's Overlook district, Neketaka (cost 1500cp).


Whispers of Yenwood Information

  • Price: 1257cp
  • Attack Time: 0.7s
  • Recovery Time: 4s
  • ID: ??

Whispers of Yenwood Upgrades





Silence the Dead Removes Whispers of the Dead effect 3000 Black Pearl x1, Vessel Bone x1, Spirit Residue x1
Unfailing 25% of Misses converted to Grazes, 10% of Grazes converted to Hits 3000 Ruby x1, Talon x1, Living Steel x1
Unfaltering +1 Constitution on scoring Crit (stacks 4 times) 3000 Amber x1, Brutish Blood x1, Carapace x1
Whetted +10% Crit damage 3000 Emerald x1, Living Iron x1, Living Steel x1


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