Garari Cuirass



Light Armor


Garari Skin
Segmented Scutum


5840 cp

Base Armor Rating 10
Versus Damage Type 8 vs. Crush
8 vs. Freeze
Recovery Time +20%
Quality Legendary

Garari Cuirass is a unique Armor in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Though now extinct, the giant lizards known as garari once roamed the many islands of the Deadfire. They were fast, powerful, and cunning predators, hated amongst kith for their tendency to kill domestic goats and pigs if given half a chance. When foreign colonists arrived in the archipelago, many local governors placed an open bounty on any garari, and the creatures were soon hunted to oblivion. Now rare due to a lack of available material, hardened garari leather armor such as this is quite desirable, as it is tough and naturally flexible. 

Garari Cuirass Information


Garari Cuirass Location


Garari Cuirass Notes/Tips

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Garari Cuirass Upgrades





Layered -5% Damage taken from weapons 3000 Amber x1, Emerald x1, Reptilian Blood x1, Leathery Wing x1, Scales x1 
Primeval -5% Damage taken from Spells 3000 Reagent x1, Black Pearl x1, Awakened Adra x1, Carapace x1, Scales x1
Rugged Construction Resistance to Might Afflictions 3000 Adra Ban x1, Brutish Blood x1, Leathery Wing x1, Pelt x1, Reptilian Blood x1
Treated Scutum 15% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes from weapons 3000 Sapphire x1, Lagufaeth Liver x1, Vithrack Brain x1, Leathery Wing x1, Pelt x1



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