Spider Silk Robe

Type Light armor
Base 7 Burn 7
Crush 7 Corrode
Pierce 7 Freeze 
Slash 10 Shock
Effects Legendary: +4 Armor Rating
Gossamer Weave: +3 Slash Armor Rating
Web Walker: Immune to Dexterity afflictions

Spider Silk Robe is an Armor in Pillars of Eternity 2.


During his long custodianship of Splintered Reef, Menzzago maintained a near constant field of magic to control the undead under his command. It was an endless task. A living being would have gone mad from the mental drudgery. As a fampyr, however, Menzzago required only the most minor diversion to retain what remained of his sanity.He set aside a tiny portion of his mind and reached out to the innumerable vermin of the Reef. He found kindred spirits in the many spiders skittering about his prison. They were like him, endlessly weaving and maintaining their tiny kingdoms. Also like him, they had a lovely work ethic.

So he put them to work. Using small fraction of his power, he induced the spiders to weave for him something pretty. Menzzago took great pleasure in how they danced like puppets on gossamer strings. Eventually the spiders produced for him a bolt of beautiful, durable silk. Menzzago made use of it to create this robe.Shattered Reef


Spider Silk Robe Information

  • Price: 5840
  • ??


Spider Silk Robe Location/Acquire



Spider Silk Robe Upgrades






Dripping Fangs Grants Dripping Fangs: Bite attack inflicts Raw poison Damage over time 3000 Emerald, Large Fang, Fang, Venom Sack
Spider Blooded  Immunity to Poison attacks  3000  Adra Ban, Brutish Blood, Lagufaeth Liver, Reptilian Blood
Poison Master +3 All Poison Power Levels 3000 Reagent, Emerald, Venom Sack, Cave Coral
Silk Spinner Grants Binding Web: Spins a resilient, viscous web throughout the area of effect, Immobilizing all that fail to resist the effect 3000 Amber, Carapace, Chitin Leg, Larvae


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