pierce_damage-icon slash_damage-icon burn_damage-icon corrode_damage-icon freeze_damage-icon shock_damage-icon Rec Spd
9 11 11 11 11 9 11 +20%
Superb: +3 Armor Rating
Regrowing: +3 Armor Rating. Armor lost when Hit, but regenerates
Mending: +5 Health restored per 12s
Initiative: +20% (In Turn-Base mode)

Fleshmender is a Unique Armor in Pillars of Eternity 2.


This armor is made of cured deer leather of a most peculiar variety. A ranger harvested the skin from the carcass of a buck she discovered while poaching the woods of her lord's estate. The animal, quite dead, showed no signs of injury or disease. Grateful for her good fortune, the opportunistic ranger set about skinning and dressing it.

This proved impossible, though. As the ranger separated hide and sinew, she observed the deer's skin growing back before her very eyes. The ranger skinned and cut, collecting enough material to cover half-a-dozen animals, yet the carcass always regenerated to a pristine state.

Before she could investigate this seemingly endless source of flesh more closely, the ranger was driven off by the lord's game warden. She was able to carry only a fraction of the take she harvested. Later in her lodge she tanned and tooled what leather she had. This was no easy task, as any holes or punches closed themselves in minutes. Stitching was similarly arduous, but the ranger was eventually able to construct this strange, regenerative armor.



Fleshmender Location/Acquisition

  • Location: Kua o Rikuhu Islands.
    • Acquisition: This unique armor can be looted from Ikorno after completing the Bounty - Ikorno.



Effigy's Husk Quality

Players can only upgrade a Unique Armor's Quality to a higher tier level. Upgrading the Quality only affects its Armor Rating by 1 point.










Effigy's Husk Unique Enchantment Upgrades

Enchantments play a vital role in a player's equipment, these Enchantments provide different special effects that can be used as an advantage in battle. Some Unique Armor carries multiple Enchantments that players may equip and some Unique Armor only has one Enchantment. These Enchantments can only be found in Unique Items and can be upgraded if needed.

Players can unlock all of the upgrades listed for a Unique Shield's Enchantment, however, some upgrades replace the current enchantment, and some can be stacked as bonus effects. By doing this, players must have the required ingredients and sufficient Copper Pands (CP) to be able to craft their preferred upgrade.


Possible Upgrades below.

Boiled Leather

Hardened Buckskin

 5% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes -10% Crit Damage taken
Cost: copper_pand_icon3,000
Ingredients needed: velune_sVelune x1, vithrack_brain_sVithrack Brain x1, solution_sSolution x1, hide_stag_sPelt x1
Cost: copper_pand_icon3,000
Ingredients needed: mother_of_pearl_sMother of Pearl x1, oil_sOil x1, salt_sSalt x1, solution_sSolution x1


Poacher's Kit

Poacher's Tackle

+1 Weapon Sets  Poacher's Tackle
Cost: copper_pand_icon3,000
Ingredients needed: ratiti_root_sRatiti Root x1, river_reed_sRiver Reed x1, hide_stag_sPelt x1
Cost: copper_pand_icon3,000
Ingredients needed:  hide_stag_sPelt x2, awakened_root_sAwakened Root x1, troll_skin_sTroll Skin x1



Effigy's Husk Notes/Tips

  • Price: copper_pand_icon3,040




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