Honor Guard Breastplate


pierce_damage-icon slash_damage-icon burn_damage-icon corrode_damage-icon freeze_damage-icon shock_damage-icon Rec Spd
8 8 6 8 8 8 6 +35%
Fine: +1 Armor Rating
Defiant: -5% Damage taken (improves as wearer loses Health)
Initiative: +35% (In Turn-Base mode)

Honor Guard Breastplate is an Armor in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Pallegina had followed her orders from the ducs bels, helping to establish an exclusive trade arrangement between the Vailian Republics and the tribes of Eir Glanfath. With the Dyrwoodans still weakened by Waidwen's Legacy, the Vailian Republics easily pushed their would-be competitors out of the market. The Dyrwood suffered as terribly from the lost trade as the Republics benefited from it. Pallegina was honored for her service by being assigned as the personal guard of the ducess Spireno. Despite her success, she regretted the choices she had made along the way.

As a symbol of her new station, Pallegina was presented with this gleaming breastplate. To wear such a piece of armor was a privilege reserved for those most trusted by the Vailian aristocracy.



Honor Guard Breastplate Location/Acquisition

  • Worn by Pallegina if she obeyed her orders in Pillars of Eternity I and you recruit her from Kahanga Palace



Honor Guard Breastplate Quality

Players can only upgrade a Unique Armor's Quality to a higher tier level. Upgrading the Quality only affects its Armor Rating by 1 point.










Honor Guard Breastplate Unique Enchantment Upgrades

Enchantments play a vital role in a player's equipment, these Enchantments provide different special effects that can be used as an advantage in battle. Some Unique Armor carries multiple Enchantments that players may equip and some Unique Armor only has one Enchantment. These Enchantments can only be found in Unique Items and can be upgraded if needed.

Players can unlock all of the upgrades listed for a Unique Shield's Enchantment, however, some upgrades replace the current enchantment, and some can be stacked as bonus effects. By doing this, players must have the required ingredients and sufficient Copper Pands (CP) to be able to craft their preferred upgrade.


Possible Upgrades below.

Pride of the Ducs

+8 all Defences (decreases as wearer loses Health)
Cost: copper_pand_icon3,000
Ingredients needed: adra_ban_sAdra Ban x1, emerald_sEmerald x1, amber_sAmber x1



Honor Guard Breastplate Notes/Tips

  • Price: copper_pand_icon2,840




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