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Luminous Lobster is a Food in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Common food provides certain bonuses while crafting or preparing a meal provides much greater effects on a character after resting.


These crustaceans amble around the ocean floor, eating the leavings of other creatures. Largely disregarded by the locals, their meat is highly coveted by foreigners and it falls to local spear fishers and trappers to meet the growing demand. The most desirable specimens, like this one, have grown large and sweet from their proximity to luminous adra. Consuming their meat steadies the nerves and increases focus.


Luminous Lobster Information

  • Luminous Lobster is a food.
  • Consuming it grants:
    • +3 Crew Morale
    • Resistance to Intellect, Perception, and Resolve Afflictions



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Luminous Lobster Tips & Notes

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