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Luminous Adra Potion is a Potion in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Potions are concoctions that can be used in combat to give beneficial effects. The effectiveness of any given potion is increased by the user's Alchemy skill. 


This elixir is the ultimate product of luminous adra refinement. The phial contains concentrated, distilled essence that reinvigorates the body and mind. A single quaff is sufficient to banish fatigue and heal even grievous injuries. Those fortunate enough to use such a potion find their thoughts, emotions, and ambitions are heightened and made crystal clear, enhancing their innate talents and skills.


Luminous Adra Potion Information

  • Luminous Adra Potion is a consumable item.
  • Consuming this potion grants:
    • Removes all Injuries
    • +2 All Skills until rest



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Luminous Adra Potion Tips & Notes

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