Deck of Endless Possibilities



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Deck of Endless Possibilities is a Scroll in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Scrolls are spells that have been inscribed into palm slats or parchment for use. Using a scroll consumes it entirely. All scrolls have an Arcana requirement to use them, it can be used once to create an effect on a character. 


The true origins of this deck remain contested by many, but one account suggests the initial creator to be none other than the eccentric Aedyran archmage Tayn. While a majority of his work is secreted away (likely due to being catastrophic failures), this deck remains a testament to his ingenuity.

Some colleagues speculate that Tayn intentionally imbued some of his own essence into the deck, which accounts both for its chaotic nature and powerful effects.


Deck of Endless Possibilities Information

  • This is the only scroll that cannot be crafted.
  • Uses: 1 per encounter
  • Noise upon use/impact: Quiet
  • Using this scroll adds the effect:
    • Draw a card. This applies one of 19 possible effects to the caster, lasting for 30.0 sec. Limited to 1 use per encounter. The following effects that can be drawn are:



Deck of Endless Possibilities Location

  • Sold by Captain Thaenic on The Deck of Many Things.



Deck of Endless Possibilities Tips & Notes

  • Sell Value: copper_pand_icon2,400
  • Purchase Value: copper_pand_icon12,000



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