Upoho Wharo Woods is an encounter in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Upoho Wharo Woods


Choice & Outcomes

  • You proceed through the forest and see some markings on a tree. You can examine them (Survival and Perception check).
  • With at least 12 Perception, you'll see a sigil lightly carved into the wood. You can examine it (1 History check).
  • You hear some rustling deeply in the forest. You can call out whatever it be or to hide in the undergrowth and wait (2 Stealth check).
  • If you managed to hide, you'll see a tall island aumaua standing among a small sounder of wild boars. You can greet him, use Charm Beast on boars, sneak past the area (Stealth check), or just ambush and attack.
  • The aumaua you met is an Old Druid and wild boars are his pets. If you convince him you mean no harm and just need some help to pass through the woods (need 3 Survival or 3 Insight), he will give you the Wise Teeth Necklace. If you choose to Intimidate him, he'll attack and Edér will disapprove your choice.

Notes & Tips

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General Information

  • Location: Island Maje, to the east from Port Maje.
  • Recommended Level: 2





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