Celestial Agitator

Type Trinkets
Effects Servants of the Stars: Grants Servants of the Stars. (Summon 3 Servant of the Stars. Whenever one is killed, grants the wielder one of Strong, Fit, Quick, Insightful, Smart, or Steadfast for 30.0 sec.)

Celestial Agitator is a unique Trinket in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Trinkets can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



This fragment of the distant stars is not of this world, yet it hums with arcane power. The pitted core of the metal is heavy with dormant spirit energy. Territorial and aggressive, the spirits can manifest to counter an external threat. They don't seem particularly drawn to Eora's native adra, else they would have fled the metal by now.



Celestial Agitator Information

  • In turn based mode, ability has initiative of 2 and last for 5 rounds.
  • ??



Celestial Agitator Location/Acquire



Betrayal  ♦  Crucible Token  ♦  Detonator shard  ♦  Eye of Rymrgand  ♦  Glasanam Argûes  ♦  Kaihōa  ♦  Muatu's Head  ♦  Tayn's Gratitude  ♦  Whispers of Neriscyrlas


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