The Man of Chimes

Level 9
Quest Type Companion Quest
Region Neketaka
Location The Hole
The Gullet
Delver's Row
Lifter's Refuge
Dunnage House
The Sacred Stair
Spire of the Soul-Seers

Rescue Giacolo:

Let Giacolo die:

  • Quest fails
  • Pallegina leaves party permanently
Quest ID companion_qst_pallegina

The Man of Chimes is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Pallegina wants the Watcher to help her find an animancer from her past named Giacolo. She believes that Giacolo is working with animancers at the Spire of the Soul-Seers in the Sacred Stair.


Important NPCs



  1. Ask the animancers in the Spire of the Soul-Seers about Giacolo.
  2. Search for Giacolo at The Hole.
  3. Ask The Hole's barkeep, Fyrna, about Giacolo's room.
  4. Search Delver's Row for signs of Giacolo.
  5. Pursue the godlike pirates to Dunnage.



  • When you entering The Sacred Stair with Pallegina, she will ask for a moment of your time. She need to visit Giacolo, an animancer, at the Spire of the Soul-Seers.
  • If Eder or Aloth is in the team, you can talk to Pallegina about who is this Giacolo and did he do.
  • Head to the Spire of the Soul-Seers, Flaune Elette will inform you that Giacolo had been conducting research at The Hole, an inn in The Gullet.
  • At the Hole, you only find that Giacolo's room has been ransacked. Fyrna, the innkeeper tells you that a group of godlike pirates haul Giacolo towards the Narrows.
  • In Delver's Row, you will find a soul towards the western part of the map. Read the soul to learn what happened here. (Xoti can harvest the soul if she's in team.)
  • Head to the south, a merchant named Imuani says that she witnessed the scuffle between the animancer and the pirates. They took Giacolo towards The Undercroft.
  • Sail to Dunnage, Giacolo is being held captive in the Lifter's Refuge district there. Once you get there, persuade Li'l Woody to let you in (with Pallegina in your team or 2 good reputations). Note if you attacked Li'l Woody, Pallegina will leave the crew.
  • To free Giacolo, you need to confront Tatzatl and his crew. Either attack the pirates, or play Tatzatl's game by answering his questions.
  • A woman is with child and she learns that, if the child is born, it will suffer greatly and have a short life. If she ends the child's life before it truly begins is this good or bad? - Good
  • You discover a powerful new technology, but you are afraid some people may misuse it for ill purposes. Would you destroy the technology, regulate access to it, or make it available to everyone equally? - Make it available to everyone
  • An enemy of yours is being persecuted. The grounds of the persecution are, by the measure of your own compass, unfair. Would you allow the persecution to continue, or would you intervene to stop it? - Allow the persecution to continue
  • You learn that someone who does great good for many people is unintentionally going to do great harm to many people. The harm may not be great or it may be so great that it dwarfs the good they have done. You have an opportunity to prevent this by killing them. Do you do so? - Not kill them
  • Depends on your answers, Tatzatl will either release Giacolo with his research, release him under condition that the research be destroyed, or decide that Giacolo needs to be killed (starting combat). Agreeing to at least one of Tatzatl's questions and arguing that someone else will eventually make the same discovery, opens up for a peaceful solution if you pass a skill check of 8 Diplomacy + 14 Intellect and allows the research to continue without bloodshed.
  • If you failed to answer Tatzatl's questions and told Pallegina to hold back, cause the death of Giacolo, Pallegina will leave the crew.  If not, talk to Pallegina to conclude the quest.





  • The Man of Chimes
    • Pallegina wants me to help her find an animancer from her past named Giacolo.
  • Ask the animancers in the Spire of the Soul-Seers about Giacolo
    • Pallegina believes that Giacolo is working with animancers at the Spire of the Soul-Seers in the Sacred Stair. I should ask around to see what they know of Giacolo.
    • I found a correspondence letter on Flaune Elette. Perhaps it contains information about Giacolo.
  • Search for Giacolo at The Hole
    • I learned that Giacolo has been conducting his research out of a room at The Hole, an inn in The Gullet. I should search for him there.
  • Ask The Hole's barkeep, Fyrna, about Giacolo's room
    • I found Giacolo's room ransacked. Fyrna, the barkeep for The Hole might know what happened. I should ask her about Giacolo.
  • Search Delver's Row for signs of Giacolo
    • Fyrna saw pirates haul Giacolo towards the Narrows. She thinks they were taking him to Delver's Row.
    • Imuani told me that the pirates took Giacolo down the lift. She mentioned that the lift guard spoke with them before they could pass.
  • Pursue the godlike pirates to Dunnage
    • The group of godlike pirates that abducted Giacolo were taking him to their captain, someone named "Tatzatl," in Dunnage. I should look for them there.


End States

  • Quest Failed.
  • I talked Tatzatl into letting Giacolo go free and continue with his research.
  • I talked Tatzatl into letting Giacolo go free, but Tatzatl confiscated the animancer's research and warned him against continuing it.
  • I killed Captain Tatzatl and his crew to save Giacolo.
  • I was unable to talk Tatzatl down, and a fight ensued. Giacolo died during the scuffle.


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      ok, in Dunnage at lifter's refuge talk to lil woody. He is up the stairs next to a door. He will let you inside to where Tatzatl and his crew are.

      • Anonymous

        I have looked all over Dunnage for Tatzatl and never found him both of my play throughs. Did all the before mentioned steps from above.

        • Once you entered you can talk to captain Tatzatl. He will ask about a path through the woods. With the right answers he will release Giacolo will be released, otherwise you might end up in a fight. Answers to realease Giacolo are : 1. Good, 1.Make it available, 1. Allow the persecution, 3. there must be another way, 1. I would not kill him, 3. it's merciful. I then choose feel free to elaborate. and 1. As I mentioned you could end up in a fight. Either way you'll end up with a nice necklace Heart-Chime amulet. And for you petcollectors. At the barrels in front of the door you'll find Chauncey. A dex pet.

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