Location Cignath Mór
Reward ??

Overgrowth is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Speak to Iverra.
  2. Travel to the underwater ruins of Cignath Mór.
  3. Find the source of the magical growth.
  4. Deal with the machine.
  5. Return to Fleet Master Okaya.
  6. Speak to Head Engineer Hetu.



  • Sail to Sayuka and speak with Fleet Master Okaya, she will lead you to Iverra, who can be found at workshop.
  • Sail to Cignath Mór with the helm given by Iverra.
  • Explore the ancient ruins. There is a locked stone door require you press the 4 mural in the correct order. (Serpent, Shark, Whale, Kraken)
  • The machine that creates these giant creatures is behind a locked door (require 16 Mechanics to open). When you interact with it, Galawain, the god of hunt will stop you.
  • If you agree with Galawain, you need to shut down three pylons to flood this ruin. Otherwise you can shut down the machine and fight the Kraken.
  • Report to Fleet Master Okaya.


Tips & Tricks

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