He Waits in Fire

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He Waits in Fire is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Rendezvous with Eothas in Ashen Maw.
  2. Reach the lower bridge.
  3. Find a way to Eothas through the Jagged Keep.
  4. Acquire the Torc of Bithákten to access Magran's shrine in the Jagged Keep.
  5. Ignite Magran's shrine to reach the adra spire within the depths of Ashen Maw.
  6. Speak to Eothas.
  7. Take the torc to Magran's shrine in the Jagged Keep.



  • Sail to Ashen Maw, but be careful of Rathun Long boats, their common tactics is to approach your ship as fast as possible then board. Keep distance if you want to outgun them.
  • When you reached Ashen Maw, persuade the Rathuns to let you pass. Or fight your way in.
  • When you reach the Lower Bridge, head to Ancient Lair first. There you can find high priestess' body and her dragon. Persuade the dragon to leave (or defeat her), then take the torc from priestess' body.
  • Back Jagged Keep, you can use the torc to ignite Magran's Shrine.
  • Speak to Eothas after you lowered Magran's Shrine. He will enlighten you his purpose. (If Xoti is in your team, he will have a short discussion with her as well.)
  • You will be automatically transported back to Neketaka when you are done talking. There you get the next quest, The Coming Storm.


Tips & Tricks

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