A Paradise of the Mind

Location Splintered Reef
Reward ??

A Paradise of the Mind is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Speak with Copperhead in his home.
  2. Investigate the crypt in Splintered Reef.
  3. Ascend the stairs within the crypt.
  4. Deal with Menzzago.
  5. Speak with Copperhead.
  6. Explore Splintered Reef.
  7. Investigate the crypt.
  8. Investigate the crypt in Splintered Reef.



  • Sail to Splintered Reef. (on the southeast corner of Deadfire, see Locations)
  • Splintered Reef is an undead town. Once you reach there, you will be attacked by Fampyrs.
  • Visit The Pickled Eel, there you will meet an undead called Copperhead. He asked for your help
  • Leave the tavern without caught by fampyrs. Head to Boathouse, there Copperhead wants you to investigate the crypt. You can storm the crypt (very well guarded, for a lv16 team), or ask Copperhead to cause some diversion.
  • Enter the crypt, defeat the undead there. You will need two vials of fampyr blood to unlock the stone gate.
  • Reach the Glowing Outcrop, you need to defeat the fampyr leader and break the orb to remove the spell. One of the enemies here will drop Manzzago's grimoire, which is required in The Lost Grimoires.
  • Speak to Copperhead, he can join your crew.


Tips & Tricks

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