The Storms of Poko Kohara

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The Storms of Poko Kohara is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs



  1. Learn about Poko Kohara in Tikawara
  2. Travel to Poko Kohara
  3. Search the ruins of Poko Kohara



  • First, talk to Vektor at Tikawara port to acquire this quest. And learn VTC has sent a team to explore Poko Kohara.
  • When you finished quests on Tikawara, sail to Poko Kohara. There you will find a VTC camp at northwest corner. 
  • Explore the Engwithan Waystation, at third level, you will find a paper on Beza's body.
  • Enter the Adra, there you will meet some spirits and learn what caused the storm. You need to decide how to stop the storms. Return to Poko Kohara after you defeated the spirits. 


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      19 May 2018 05:43  

      When you enter the room with the Adra on the 3rd floor there is a small glowing light to the left. You can interact with that to open the portal.......I spent a lot of time looking around thinking I missed something that was right in front of me and can see other's have to reading threads.

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