The Coming Storm

Level 15
Quest Type Main Quest
Region Ondra's Mortar
Location Ukaizo
Reward/s 10,800 EXP
Quest ID CP_QST_Ukaizo_Preparations

The Coming Storm is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Sail to Ukaizo and confront Eothas.


Important NPCs

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  1. Forge alliances or prepare your ship for a hard voyage.



  • To across the storm, you need to fully upgrade the ship, and/or allied with one of the four factions.
  • There are four potential alliance, VTC, Royal Deadfire Company, Huana, or Principi. Alternatively, you can do it alone, if you have Blackwood Hull and Dragonwing Sail. (They can be bought at Queen's Berth)
  • To ally with Huana, complete quest Taking Out the Traders. (Blow up the powder store at the Brass Citadel and pin the blame on the Vailian Trading Company)
  • To ally with Royal Deadfire Company, complete the quest The Final Maneuver by assassinating the Queen.
  • To ally with VTC, complete the quest A Vote of No Confidence and Sabotage at the Brass Citadel.
  • To ally with Principi, complete quest Honor Among Thieves and A Dance with Death.
  • Once ready, head to The Ondra's Mortar at the northeast part of the archipelago. Sail across the Magran's teeth to reach there. (Note even if your ship is well equipped, you need the highest level of crews to help you across the storm. Otherwise, your ship may suffer too much damage and destroyed. )
  • If you allied with one of the four factions, you need to defeat the rival faction's fleet before you enter the storm. There will be 2-3 battles in a row. If your ships' health dropped too low, it may not survive the storm. However, if you help the dragon in the quest The Shadow Under Neketaka, it will help you now. The submarine provided by the Royal Deadfire Company also helps you get through the storm.
  • Once you pass the storm, this quest is completed.





  • The Coming Storm
    • Eothas has crossed beyond Magran's Teeth and into Ondra's Mortar. He makes for the lost island of Ukaizo. Only a capable ship could survive the journey through Ondra's Mortar. One of the great powers vying for dominance over the Deadfire might assist in this goal. If all else fails, outfitting the ship independently would be better preparation than none at all.
  • Forge alliances or prepare your ship for a hard voyage
    • No doubt the local powers will want to put me to work in support of their cause to reach Ukaizo. Committing to any of them is sure to anger the others in the end. I could also go it alone, but [Player Ship] won't survive the journey without significant upgrades - I'd need the very best hull and sails available in the Deadfire.
    • I've made an enemy of the Huana royal family. Allying myself with them is no longer an option.
    • The Vailian Trading Company is not willing to work with me. Our respective priorities are too far at odds.
    • After everything I've done to harm them, working with the Royal Deadfire Company is no longer an option.
    • The Príncipi are unwilling to collaborate with me on the journey to Ukaizo.
    • Queen Onekaza has expressed an interest in joining forces. Working for her would mean giving Ukaizo back to the Huana.
    • If I ally with the Huana, I can expect watershapers to accompany my ship on the journey to Ukaizo. Their combined power should be enough to open a path through the storms.
    • Onekaza has asked me to blow up Rauatai's powderhouse and implicate the Vailians. This would solidify my union with the Huana once and for all.
    • I can find the Vailian Trading Company headquarters in Queen's Berth.
    • The headquarters of the Huana are at the Kahanga Palace in Serpent's Crown.
    • The Royal Deadfire Company's headquarters are at Imperial Command in the Brass Citadel.
    • The Príncipi sen Patrena organize their forces at Balefire Beacon on the island of Dunnage.
    • I've agreed to help Hazanui Karū and the Royal Deadfire Company overthrow the Huana and seize control of Neketaka. In exchange, they'll help me reach Ukaizo.
    • If I help the Príncipi deal with Lucia Rivan and acquire her ship, the Floating Hangman, they'll formalize an alliance with me and help me reach Ukaizo.
    • The Vailian Trading Company wants me to destroy the Royal Deadfire Company's powderhouse in the Brass Citadel. If I do this for them, they'll ally with me and help me reach Ukaizo.
    • I've found a Blackwood Log. It may allow me to craft a hull that can travel through Ondra's Mortar.
    • I've acquired the Blackwood Hull. While it won't make my ship indestructible, its strength will help me survive the storms around Ondra's Mortar.
    • I've acquired the Dragonwing Sails. Their unmatched toughness will withstand the fierce winds of Ondra's Mortar better than any other in the Deadfire.


End States

  • [Player Ship] will travel with the aid of the Kahanga throne. The Huana are my allies now.
  • With the support of the Vailian Trading Company, [Player Ship] will soon be outfitted with the means to reach Ukaizo.
  • I have allied with the Royal Deadfire Company. The desire to reach Ukaizo is a mutual one.
  • The Príncipi sen Patrena has agreed to assist my voyage to Ukaizo.
  • I made it to Ukaizo without the aid of the Deadfire's competing powers.


Tips & Tricks

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