The Coming Storm

Location Ukaizo
Reward ??

The Coming Storm is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Forge alliances or prepare your ship for a hard voyage.
  2. ??



  • There are four potential alliance, VTC, Royal Deadfire Company, Huana, or Principi. Alternatively, you can do it alone, if you have Blackwood Hull and Dragonwing Sail. (They can be bought at Queen's Berth)
  • The Ondra's Mortar is at the northeast part of the archipelago. Sail across the Magran's teeth to reach there. (Note even if your ship is well equipped, you need the highest level of crews to help you across the storm. Otherwise, your ship may suffer too much damage and destoryed. )
  • If you allied with one of the four factions, you need to defeat the rival faction's fleet before you enter the storm. There will be 2-3 battles in a row. If your ships' health dropped too low, it may not survive the storm. However, if you help the dragon in the quest The Shadow Under Neketaka, it will help you now.
  • Once you pass the storm, this quest is completed.


Tips & Tricks

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